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Instead of using lube, can I use lotion?

Instead of using lubricate on his d*** can I use lotion. Also is there a specific lotion I need to use or can I use anything?

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  • lube comes commonly in two forms:



    lotion isn't a lube but it is oil-based, and those tend to cause irritation, and for the the guy right inside at the tip(and further), that is similar to an open wound, as in what can hurt it is the same, it will probably sting. this could cause irritation for you too. its best to stick with a water-based lube that you can get at stores.

What Guys Said 10

  • baby oil

  • I wouldn't use anything but someing like Astrolube

  • Use bengay, he'll love it.

  • vasaline is good but messy. Just be careful not to chaffe it.

  • Yes, any will work fine and use plenty of it - don't be shy to replenish the lotion once it's rubbed in.

    Me and wifey keep plenty of lotion and body butter etc beside the bed for massages and foreplay.

    Do not proceed if you use condoms, it'll break them.

  • I'm not sure lotion is OK for it to go up inside you.

    Sometimes I go back down & drool a lot of spit for more lube.

    Sorry it sounds gross but it seems better then spitting on someone even though it close.

  • f*** that, can he not make you wet?!

  • Icy hot, Gold-Bond medicated, Ben-Gay, Tiger Balm.

    These should start your party.

  • Lotion stings the very end of my penis so I don't use it.

What Girls Said 2

  • I would go with Jergens unscented baby lotion, never use anything that is scented.

  • if you use lotion try jergen's but I also suggest flavored lube (yummy :P) or just spit

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