What do you think of 34B sized breasts?

What do you think of 34B sized breasts? Opinions ;)


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  • I like As and Bs best, B being ideal to me.

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  • i think...i want to suck on some

  • "What do you think of guys who sometimes wear shirts sized medium" Sometimes those guys look great and sometimes not so great. Breast size is the same thing, everybody's breasts are different

  • Good

  • I'd have to see you naked to be sure, but it's a good start.

  • that size is magical lol

  • The only thing better would be 34A! I LOVE small breasts, they are so sexy!

  • 3mo

    From comparing many pictures of 34Bs and sneaking a peak at some of my female friends bra sizes, I am a huge fan of 34Bs.

  • I think they are very nice :)

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  • 34B is just a bra-size, it doesn't say anything about what a girl's breasts actually look like.

  • I'm a 34b and very happy with my size.

  • That's my size. It's small, but it's not saggy, and it's big enough to show some cleavage. I'm pretty happy with it, it's just some shirts are hard to fill out.

    • Oh really? I'm that size, sometimes a little bit bigger depending on the bra. maybe yours are shaped different, becasue Mine fill out shirts really well. lol

  • That's my size. Sometimes they're big sometimes they're small...it's annoying because I want them a little fuller and bigger and it's like they just won't stay there. 34C is as big as I'd want mine but 34B are as small as I like mine to be :] Nothing wrong with it at all.

  • i change from 34B to 34C depending on my weight gain and loss lol, I think its a perfect size because you can wear low cut shirts and not worry about the baggage that girls with bigger boobs deal with...

    • Hmm how come when you put on weight your back size stays the same?

    • Lol are you seriously asking that? weight gain isn't drastic for most people, a girls body slightly changes in weight here and there due to her monthly cycle, you start bloating, your boobs become saggy (thus bigger), or even if you have been eating bad like junk food, then the first part to gain weight is ur tummy and boobs, and MOST WOMEN have a belly and changing breast cup size...