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What should I do while a guy fingers me?

Like, should I just sit there and moan? that seems kinda awkward to me..lol

please help(:

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  • Relax and Enjoy...the moaning and screaming will follow!

  • anything as long as you dont

    - get up and walk away

    - go to sleep

    - start filing your nails

    - start texting your girls

    - talking on the phone

    - painting your fingernails

    does anybody else have anything to add to the list? plz comment

  • Yea that is something you just have to sit back and try to enjoy it. I'm sure he just lays back and enjoys it while you please him. Or you could give him a handjob while he fingers you.

  • just let yourself go, that's one of those moments in life where you just have to enjoy, that's it!

  • Try closing your eyes and enjoying it, or you could kiss each other, or you could touch him at the same time and kiss with your eyes closed.

  • Try to enjoy it, and do whatever you need to to help make that happen ... your pleasure is why he's doing it.

  • just sit back and moan in pleasure, if your not in pleasure but moan anyway to please your partner if you want and just think about what you going to do during the week lol

    • Lol!

    • Her thinking "yeah, I got to remember to pick up some jam" and then her going mmmmmm

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  • haha, I had exactly the same question before! u're not supposed to do sth. there's nothing you can do. you don't even need to moan. just sit and see how it goes. after that, if you like it (most likely) u'll find yourself moaning on its own!

  • Well you can tilt your head and watch them if you enjoy this, if you are enjoying it do what comes naturally and moan and maybe move a little. I you are not enjoying it but like to please your partner/friend then again moan in pleasure but if its your first time you may not know how to react so may be best to say something. But to be honest just the pleasure of your guy being down there is a turn on and is a nice thing. But make sure you are feeling sexy and are clean and smell pleasant down below for a confidence boost.

  • I let him know he is pleasing me by moaning and when he hits my spot my body starts convulsing.

  • I usually make out with him or give him a hj while he's fingering me.

  • You could moan in pleasure, or you could also play with your boobs (that'll turn him on too). If you're comfortable with touching yourself infront of him, you could also pleasure yourself by massaging your clit while he's fingering you.

  • you could arch your back and I normally run my fingers through his hair and kiss him while he does it :)

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