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Help me understand why my boyfriend think he owns my body?

I can't understand why he thinks he owns my body. He likes my body and compliments me often. After we had sex he pretty much claim that "He own all... Show More

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What Guys Said 4

  • Is he jelaous at the same time?

  • your boyfriend is insane...

  • this might be the result of some personal issues. or it could be healthy for him and its jsut something he genuinely like. there's nothing necessarily unhealthy or wrong about owning your spouse's body, depending on your definition of owning

What Girls Said 2

  • Your boyfriend definitely has some issues. lol

    • 2mo

      kinda too harsh there, dontcha think?

  • That's creepy. Some guy kept telling me those kind of things and ended up molesting me and stalking me. Super possessive and jealous and everything. This is definitely not a good sign!

    • 2mo

      kinda too harsh there, i think

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