Anyone angry over circumcision? I hate my parents for allowing it.

I can't stand it, this practice is mutilation! I have a sensitive part of my body removed that I will never get back...I hate my mom for allowing it to happen...its not normal is sick, twisted and disgusting, I wonder ow my mom would feel if she had a body part removed from her against her will, we got in an argument about it...i proved to her it was totally unnecessary and she's a sick twisted person for thinking its OK.


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  • I wish every day that I wasn't circumcised. I would give up everything I have to have a whole and complete body. What mother would take a knife to her own son? Who would hurt their own child? Whenever my mom said something like "I would die for you, never let anyone harm you," I just couldn't believe her. My glans rubs against my clothing all day and causes me constant pain. Sex will never be as pleasurable for me, and women prefer uncirced men because it gives them more pleasure too. I am jealous of dogs. Maybe in heaven I will have my foreskin? I just wish I had been given the choice of which body parts I got to keep and which were thrown in the dumpster. I was a beautiful baby boy and my own mother couldn't accept all of me. Minutes after birth I had to be butchered. Even though I know she thought it was best, never intended any harm, and wasn't even the one who wanted it (Dad did), I can't trust her. I could never get close to her, and I'm in my twenties and living on my own now. No matter how I consciously think, I feel deep down that my mother didn't save me from harm the one chance she had.

    I feel terrible knowing any man, no matter how average, could please my girlfriend more than I can.

    I feel like a woman who had one breast amputated so that "you would have a 50% less chance of breast cancer". Any woman in that state would be breast-obsessed and feel inferior to every woman on the street. She would feel unsexy and incomplete. That is how I feel. All men have an invisible competition with each other and I am always the loser because I'm not really a man. I am what is left over of what could have been a man.

    I have a good job, a girlfriend who loves me and I plan on marrying, and many friends. I still feel incomplete because despite all that I have, I don't have my own body. I never got used to it, I just learned to endure it. I am disgusted with my own penis - it is scarred and repulsive. I was denied my sexuality, and sexual pleasure, the beautiful union that joins two souls.

    Why did my parents do this to me? Why couldn't they love me for who I was? Did the 9 months in my mother mean anything? I know they didn't think it would cause me pain, but I've never healed from the scars they left on my soul. No matter what I think, deep down I don't trust them, don't want to be near them, and am scared of what they are capable of. I know these are irrational thoughts but I can't get them out of my head and it has poisoned my relationship with them. I never told them how I felt, because it would break their heart to know I hate and resent them, but I never bonded with my own parents because of my own one-sided anger, and that hurts just as much as being incomplete.

    • WTF? Where did you ever hear a woman complain that you were cut? You sound like the dipwad who started this thread...just f'n get over it! Maybe the reason you can't satisfy a woman is because you're too busy whining about your lost foreskin!

      Yeah, that's why I'm unemployed, fat, and can't get a girl - my parents had my d*** cut when I was a baby.

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  • I don't think your mom is a sick, twisted person for thinking it's okay. Circumcision is done for a number of reasons and used to be pretty routine (at least in a number of countries, especially in North America). For many, its for religious reasons, and it was also commonly believed that circumcision was more hygienic (which is not necessarily true) and decreased the chances of someone getting HIV when they would eventually become sexually active (which we also know now to be false). I don't think a lot of people really considered that circumcision is a form of mutilation, and it was also believed that pain does not adversely affect babies since they don't remember it (another fallacy).

    I don't agree with male circumcision, but when considering the decisions your parents made, you have to consider them in their context. We've come along way in our thinking and knowledge when it comes to this topic.

    On the other side of the coin, my mother once confided in me that she worries my younger brother might have negative feelings toward her because she chose NOT to have him circumcised (we live in a culture where most boys his age are circumcised and she was worried that he might be or feel like he might be discriminated because he ISN'T circumcised).

    • Relgion and culture do not jsutify mutlitaltion, how abotu female circumcision in africa is ta texcusable because its cultutral and relgious in nature....I don't care, my parents signed forms to let me be mutilated, I don't care for what idtioc reason tey did it....I think your brother is a lucky one..and if he does want it done later he can when its HIS choice to make.

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    • gravygirl, why don't you just teach him safe sex? Or do you think that your child will be such a moron that he can't understand that concept?

      Condoms prevent STDs. Cutting off flesh doesn't.

      I think you'd have to be an idiot to read about this man's pain and hatred for his mother for letting his penis be cut and then think "well, it's worth the risk because it'll save some time on teaching him safe sex"...

      You don't deserve kids if you think like that.

    • 1mo

      your a hypocrite youd be mad if it happened to you "get over it"

  • She's not sick, it's totally normal. Most women prefer it and it prevents STDs. There's really nothing to complain about here, unless yours was botched or something.

    • The medical community is still divided.....any advantages are equally outweighed by difficulties

    • It doesn't PREVENT STDs. Even the wildest claims at the moment are only stating that there's a 60% reduction of risk - but that's 60% of a 1 in 10000 chance when using condoms, which is not worth the loss of sensation. Bear in mind that cut guys are less inclined to use condoms because of reduced sensitivity and there's no benefit at all to circumcision.

      Most women who have had intact and circumcised partners prefer the INTACT guys, for a host of reasons relating to sexual pleasure.

    • Yeah, sue, where the hell you getting your stats from, and how many guys have you fcked? A bunch of pasty pansies no doubt.

  • Well if you've never had sex uncircumcised you won't be able to tell the difference; But it is pretty cruel to do so, not to mention there's really no reason besides religious reasons . The foreskin is supposed to be pretty sensitive and also reduce your chances of urinary tract infections.

    There's basically no reason to cut it off.

    That I know of; I might be incorrect.

    • I know! its so sick...and to put a baby throught that....I'm so angry at how riduclous it is...and I'll never get to know how it hate my mom....she ruined my body...I hate hate hate her for it

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    • sure girls wouldn't feel ok with having the hood removed either

    • 1mo

      im sure if it happened to you you wouldn't be saying get over it just saying and it does cause loss of sensation 20'000 nerves shame society is so anti male

  • Hi. I'm from the UK, hardly anyone here is circ'd. I can't believe that girls in the US like it more circ'd, I don't believe they have ever been with an uncirc'd man, saying all the things they have said. I have only been with one circ'd man who was an ex and sex was not good, because it just felt too rough, and I would get dry in no time, and It would become uncomfortable. There is something you can do though, you can get your foreskin restored (foreskin restoration). There are lots of methods, do a google search. Basically you stretch the shaft skin over the head, and in time new cells grow and eventually it completely covers the head, like the foreskin did. I say do that, you will have reclaimed you body back then, and no matter what girls say, when you have sex, it will feel better for both people.

  • Anonymous User... you have every right to be livid with your parents. That being said, I assume that most of these posts are made by ignorant, immature and shallow girls. I'm pleased to say I'm a female American intactivist. A man has every right to ALL of his anatomy. Those who are posting of the 'medical' benefits would be smart to note that even the American Cancer Association and American Association of pediatrics doesn't consider this procedure necessary until there actually IS a problem. This argument comes down to a culture of shallow people, mostly women. The prevention of HIV amongst the masses is better prevented by the use of condoms.

    Also, I'd like for everyone to check out an actual circumcision procedure. Now ladies... as a new mother I can honestly tell you that subjecting a newborn child to such a painful procedure is not only dangerous, its immoral. How many of you can honestly tell me that you'd allow someone to strap your child's legs apart while he is dissected without anesthetic? I can tell you the screams and cries will burn a hole right through you. I half suspect most of you to continue in your ignorance and not actually 'watch' a procedure being performed in order to blind yourself of the truth, but that's not my problem. Just wait until your child is like this poor guy who is approaching you and asking "why did you mutilate me?" All you'll be able to say is that "we didn't care about you or what you'd want, its about what we want". Great parenting!

    I'd also like to note for those girls out there that the female genitalia is no prize. We have a higher chance of developing an infection than an intact male ever would. The ACTUAL statistics is less than 1%. An intact male has a 1% chance of getting an infection, while a mutilated male has a .1% chance. Either way you look at it, the percentages don't justify it. However, I would like to add for all those discriminatory ladies out there, if you cut off a girls clitoral hood they have a lesser chance of getting an infection... so I guess that means we should start doing that to baby girls or they'll have a 4% chance of infection ;) Don't screw with those of us who actually know the facts or we'll make you eat~* your words.


    • Thank you! finally a woman who understands...its just not right..its a baby having his penis sick is that? who cares what's traditional or common? it is what it is.

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  • I'm against the procedure too but I don't think your mom is a twisted person. She probably thought it was the right thing to do at the time. Up until the late 80s here in North America it was almost universal. People commonly believed (and probably still do) that it has all kinds of health benefits. It wasn't really until the last 20 years or so that the procedure was widely called into question. It's likely she thought she was saving you from disease though it turned out not to be the case.

    As I'm sure you can see by now, circumcision is still a very touchy subject. Both proponents and opponents tend to be VERY adamant in their beliefs. I know you feel robbed and you have my sympathy for that but I'm sure your mom is a kind, caring woman.

    By the way have you ever heard of foreskin restoration? Google it. Many people still have some of the original foreskin tissue left over after circumcision. If you're very dedicated, you can restore it by stretching this tissue. The result is a convincing and natural foreskin although it lacks some things like the ridged band so that the foreskin is a bit "looser" than a natural one but it's quite close in most ways.

    • How could a non-twisted person allow some to cut off part o their children's sexual organ? My mom is not kidn anc caring...I wish she would have been infertile.

  • Nice try, undercover uncircumcised guy

    • Why do you say that?

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    • What an idiot.

      If an intact guy didn' like his penis, he could get it partially amputated, just like yours.

      No intact penis I have ever seen has been "smegma covered", but if you're that averse to smegma, then you want to keep well away from women, who have 4 times as much as men.

      I think it's an absurd length to go to pretending that no men are disatisfied with their circumcised penises just in order to comfort yourself for condoning it. Denial, pure and simple.

    • I'm guessing you're a cut man. I'm also guessing you've had sex with women and have probably went down on them (I can pretty much bet that cause its the only way you cut men can make us come unfortunately). Well guess what sweetie... we women produce even more smegma? Yup we do. And do you even know what smegma is anyway?

  • dude, you're being a baby.

    I'm uncircumcised. You aren't missing a whole lot, trust me.

    You have bigger issues to deal with. Like freaking out over things that don't matter.

    • Lots of men would disagree.

      What an insensitive bunch you are, treating a man badly because he cares that something was torn from his body as an infant.

      What unsympathetic bastards.

    • Umm I beg to differ. Thank your parents they kept you whole. As a woman I can tell you that sex is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR better with someone who's uncut. I don't even know how women say they experience orgasms with cut men because it's physically impossible to even stimulate the g spot with a smooth penis. Hence why ribbed condoms and dildos exist.

  • Sounds like she made a bigger mistake of letting you grow up as a big vagina

  • Get over it dude. I don't think your lack of a foreskin is what is messing up your life.

    • No, not the lack of foreskin, but the psychological effect of having his bodily integrity taken away from him. The two are inextricably linked. It is not the physical effect that has damaged this man, but the psychological consequences of the physical act. And that is yet one more reason that such an act should not be allowed.

    • You wouldn't happen to be a psych major, would you? One who is unemployed?

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