Girls, do you like seeing men with bulges or visible erections?

Sometimes I find that it is hard to hide what I have in my jeans, especially during those random erections. I can't help it. Women are sexy! Sometimes I notice girls sneaking peeks and think that I don't notice. Do you girls look for bulges and what do you think when you spot one?


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  • I don't look for them except on my boyfriend but if I see a nice lookin guy with a bulge, I'm gonna look! I think it's hot...

    I see no problem looking. It's just like you guys looking at our boobs.. which mine, you can't miss and I see guys staring lol


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  • I think it's a huge turn on, like when I see my guy and he has a bulge, especially in the morning it just makes you feel really sexy. If it's not my guy I normally don't pay attention. My favorite is when we are in the car and I put my hand on his thigh an I feel him instantly get hard. There's just something about it that turns me on.

  • such a turn on

  • my type of guy! I wish the guys I talked to had visible erections

  • I think that it's totally normal to get one of those and if happens in public oh well, me personally don't like to see those. Not because I think is bad or any thing, but if it's not my guy then I don't wanna see it :p Not to long ago one of my classmates had an incident like that and I happen to be right in front of him when it happen, and in top of that the rest of the class was looking at him because he was helping the teacher when it happened. Lets just say I don't know who was most embarrassed me for seeing that or him by being exposed in front of 12 girls giggling and making comments when we saw what happen lol

    • He had a big hard on? In class? I suspect he did it on purpose. He would know better not to get up from his seat, no matter what.

  • I wouldn't mind, unless you look like a creeper.

    • Definitely not a creeper. sometimes these things just happen.

    • That might have been helpful if it weren't for the fact that women never seem able to describe what exactly makes someone a 'creeper' except for, you know, being 'creepy', whatever that means.

      If you would have said "I don't mind except when I do, depending on the phase of the moon, the weather, and whatever I had for breakfast yesterday" it would have been no less vague for anyone without XX chromosomes :p

    • Creepy...well... people that stare, most people with a mustache, old guys... that really defines it for me

  • It turns me on so much, I think it's super hot, especially in public. It's almost like its daring, and its just a major turn on ..


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  • i have a large bulge and I catch women looking at it all the time. not so much when I was younger but definitely in the last few years.

    • People like you that makes a comment like you did "I have a large bulge" usually means that you really have a small one.

    • Yeah but no just get over it. your husband got a small one this dude about to go to me schools packing an 8 incher. I know when I put it that way you can't help but thinking you mad a mistake right yeah. so you know just sharing experience didn't get all name calling.

  • Well this is bizarre! Most girls on here are saying they like it and it's a turn on. But most girls hate any type of bulge with guys swim suits. Weird! : /