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Guys: What does it feel like to have balls?

well...I've always wondered! Dos it hurt when they swing or when you walk or run? Is it uncomfortable to wear pants (like jeans)? Hows grinding feel?... Show More

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  • It doesn't hurt when we walk or run.., I'm not even conscious of my balls unless I do some thing like tryin to jump over a fence or I'm sliding on a bar or something like that. Gettin kicked in ones balls is one of the most unpleasant experiences a guy would have, trust me.., it pains!

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  • No it doesn't hurt when you walk or run. In fact I'm not conscious of mine 99% of the time.

    Yeah a kick in the nuts hurts but they're not so sensitive that walking or running hurts them. They don't really get stimulated either. Or at least mine don't.

  • My balls are BIG they hurt when I sit for longs periods of times. It feels nice when they're shaken but they're very sensitive

  • I love havin them until I get kicked in them lmao and sumtimes when its hot they stick to ur leg. But other than that I couldn't imagine life without them

  • Most of the time I do not even realize that my balls are there just hanging down below my organ. They only hurt when I am wearing very tight jeans, usually when the jeans are new and not been washed. After that it seems to be OK. Grinding can actually feel food except when done to hard, I guess just like with breasts. Yes balls do get simulated, start feeling full, then blue balls come after an hour or so. As I am older, I get blue balls less and less, sometimes at night when I have certain dreams and wake up hard. then I ask my gal to do her thing.

    Sometimes, in the movies, I do get embarrassed with my gal, when I watch a guy get racked by a woman. Seems that it is unfair that a gal can go that to a guy. Then playing co-ed sports, I am very protective of my boys, as I do not want them hurt in front of girls. Sometimes in a slow elevator, when I am with a bunch of well dressed women, I look at their breasts, think about the weakness of my balls, but that is just a fantasy of mine, that women just seem to have that sexual power over men.

  • No it doesn't hurt when we walk or run. Every once in a great while I'll make a wrong move jumping a fence or sitting in a chair and that's murder on my balls. To me jeans are uncomfortable, but not because of my balls. I don't have the experience required to answer the rest.

  • Does not hurt when they swing, or when I walk or run. Yes, pants can get uncomfortable especially jeans, but that is fix with a quick pull on the front of the pants. I always avoid grinding my balls... that would hurt. No, they don't get simulated when I make out. I've never really got pleasure from my balls, just a lot of pain.

  • I agree that balls don't generally hurt unless they're hit (or squashed!-veeeeery painful!)

    You asked if they hurt when "making out", and this is actually true. Everyone knows that we suffer from "blue balls" if we are teased and then denied an ejaculation, but they can also hurt during the sex act itself. When a man is excited, his scrotum usually gathers up the testicles out of harm's way. Sometimes, though, particularly if it is very hot, the balls hang down quite a bit even during sex. You yourself have probably enjoyed the feeling of a lover's balls swinging against your bum as he moves in and out of you. If the guy moves too hard or fast, it can because considerable discomfort, if not pain in the balls, as they slap against you. To some extent this regulates just how hard a man can thrust against a woman. This is most noticable in the "doggy stye" position, where if the man is not careful he can squash his balls against the pubic bone of his lover, which can bring the lovemaking to a premature end!

  • They are uncomfortable in jeans. They don't hurt when they swing lol. They're not that heavy. I don't feel any sexual stimulation in my balls.

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  • I never knew they hurt in jeans. This is so interesting not trying to be freaky just saying

    • Haha yea, it was a bit freaky asking...kinda weird but still!

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