Do girls actually wanna watch?

I recently found a nice chat/cam site I use to meet new people and have fun. 6-8/10 people I meet are just guys wanking it. I gotta wonder do girls actually wanna see things like that? I've never done things like that... seems strange. Something has to encourage these guys.


Most Helpful Girl

  • There are women out there who are into watching strangers masturbate, but my guess is that they are a minority. Most girls, who are into watching, prefer to watch guys that they actually know (either in real life, or have an online friendship with) and are attracted to. A webcam pointed at a stranger's genital area can be.. well, kind of boring. A lot of the excitement a girl gets from watching comes from the fact that it's someone they are attracted to and might potentially have sex with. Other women find watching a guy masturbate a complete turn off.