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Do girls actually wanna watch?

I recently found a nice chat/cam site I use to meet new people and have fun. 6-8/10 people I meet are just guys wanking it. I gotta wonder do girls... Show More

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  • There are women out there who are into watching strangers masturbate, but my guess is that they are a minority. Most girls, who are into watching, prefer to watch guys that they actually know (either in real life, or have an online friendship with) and are attracted to. A webcam pointed at a stranger's genital area can be.. well, kind of boring. A lot of the excitement a girl gets from watching comes from the fact that it's someone they are attracted to and might potentially have sex with. Other women find watching a guy masturbate a complete turn off.

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  • Just watching some strange guy whom I have no interest in would be a boring thing that I have absolutely no interest in.However if it is someone I have a sexual interest in or do have sex with YES it is a big turn on. What I have found in person is that guys seem to be more reluctant to wank it in company than what I am.

  • Just watching some strange guy stroke himself? No. But actually I do really like to watch a penis shoot sperm. The one thing I can't get my boyfriend to do is masterbate in front of me. If I want to see him come I have to do it myself. Oh well I don't mind.

    • I'd love to ejaculate on cam for you xxx

  • When I have a boyfriend, I love to watch him. Reason? a couple. I'm a hand girl. I love to see his hand/s touching himself so intimately, and, I want to learn very carefully how he likes to touch himself and mimic it when I touch him to increase his pleasure.

  • Well I kinda do... but I only like the bit when the cute guy gets it out and the semen ejaculate from the head the rest is boring. and ChatRoulette is full of the boring bit. maybe I'm weird.

  • Watching is supppper hot. Just not creepy strangers.

  • sometimes I just can't take my eyes away for the same reason that I've been known to stare rapt at infomercials playing late at night after the last episode of Maury has aired. watching dudes jerk off can be hot in context but in terms of a chatroulette esque situation it's not erotic at all. sometimes it's fascinating because the person involved is especially big/small/hairy/fat/lumpy/deformed etc. but it isn't hAwTthese dudes are just jacking off because they're p**** exhibitionists who are too afraid TO TAKE IT 2 DA STREETS

  • if its someone you like then it can be hot,but if its a fat bald man and complete stranger its just awkward.don't really get why they do it, seeing as the chance of actually coming across a girl on that site is like 1 in 10.

  • I agree! NOT CREEPERS THO. My boyfriend.. yes!

  • I love watching. However I do not want to see a random guy that I don't even know do it. That's just weird and a little bit awkward in my opinion. If I know who it is though then I don't have a problem with it and I actually like it. But I'm staying away from those cam sites just because you never know what you might see on there. Lol

  • thats a big HELL NO! I would be interested on going on chat roulette but I'm worried I'll be scarred for life LOL you know what would be so funny though if they got connected to their Mum lmao or if someone was sitting there in a gimp mask lmao! OR someone creeping up behind the person in front of the computer with a very large kitchen knife...fake blood and all... Do I have a sick mind or what?

    • You do not have a sick mind

    • You was just suggesting that would be funny if a guy ejaculate accidently in front of his mom..., you damaged my sexual life for today...

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  • I'm guessing you were on Omegle or Chatroulette.I have no idea why they are doing it...

  • Ahhh the internet, in the old days you had to get a trench coat and go out and find victums now you can do it all in the comfort of home and expose yourself to the world

  • Those are out there for gay guys more then women, maybe your computer trying to help you lol jp

  • I suppose if a woman DID want to watch and was uncomfortable admitting it, the anonymity of the web might appeal to them for finding that sort of material.

  • My d*** is so big that it eats up too much bandwidth if I jerk off on cam, so I've been asked to keep it in my pants.

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