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How long after he cums?

After a guy cums the first time does he get soft after?

If so, how long does it take before he gets hard again?

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  • Depends on his age, how fit he is, drugs, alcohol etc, how much time elapsed etc...

What Guys Said 9

  • Usually the penis starts to get soft almost immediately and slowly goes back to it's normal state. The refractory period is different for every guy. For some guys it's a few hours, for others it's a matter of minutes.

  • After i cum, im hard for a bit then get a little soft, i need like 5-10 to recover but the good news is that after the first time the second time is nearly impossible for me to finish

  • It depends on the guy. Every guy is different.

  • I can usually cum several times before I have to take a break. I always try to make it my mission to give the woman the best sex of her life, that doesn't happen from laying around for half an hour between orgasms.

  • Like everyone has already mentioned - really depends on the physiology of the guy. Some guys need quite some time to 'recover', where others can come and be ready to go again straight away...

  • yes most guys do get soft. though some are ready for round 2 right after. vasodilators, like viagra, do manage to keep guys hard afterwords though. the amount of time it takes for the guy to get hard again varies. age is usually a a big factor here. personally speaking sometimes I'm ready for another round sometimes I need a good 10 minutes before I got at it again.

  • Every guy is different, but as soon as he nuts it will start to go down a bit. But if he is really really turned on it can stay almost rock hard. Typically after a couple minutes it will be up again and you're ready for round two! If he is drinking, stressed, physically fatigued, or stuff like that it may take longer.

    • He drinks a lot but he is still always turned on and gets hard and stays that way easily..

  • about 7 seconds...time him...

What Girls Said 2

  • Sometimes when a guy ejaculates, he remains hard, but generally he will get soft after and goes through a "refractory" or recovery period, in which he is unable to achieve an erection and/or another orgasm. The amount of time can vary greatly from man to man, and even for the same man.

  • It's possible for a guy to stay hard and be able to keep going.

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