Girls: how often do you check out a man's bulge?

I've read on the site that some girls don't even think about it, where other girls are always looking at guys' crotches (discreetly) to see if he's got a big package tucked away in there under his pants

One girl I know guessed my size to within 1/4" (which was a major surprise of course, as she's definitely never seen me naked). And because of that I kind of thought that maybe girls are looking at guys' crotches a lot more than I thought

So girls: do you all do this? What can you tell me that will help me understand how you all think about the penises of guys you don't know well enough to see naked? Do you just imagine he's hung, like give him the benefit of the doubt? Do you try to figure it out by looking and guessing?

Please put my curiosity to rest!


Most Helpful Girl

  • yes I think girls do, well I do but I don't guess the size...i mean if you look good and those jeans your wearing are showing your package in a good way then I'm probably gonna look secretly haha and if a girl says she doesn't look, she probably is because most of us do little things subconciously when we like a person. I heard if someone is attracted to a guy/girl there feet subconciously points towards them.isn't that weird huh.well sorry went off track haha hoped I helped!