Girls: how often do you check out a man's bulge?

I've read on the site that some girls don't even think about it, where other girls are always looking at guys' crotches (discreetly) to see if he's got a big package tucked away in there under his pants

One girl I know guessed my size to within 1/4" (which was a major surprise of course, as she's definitely never seen me naked). And because of that I kind of thought that maybe girls are looking at guys' crotches a lot more than I thought

So girls: do you all do this? What can you tell me that will help me understand how you all think about the penises of guys you don't know well enough to see naked? Do you just imagine he's hung, like give him the benefit of the doubt? Do you try to figure it out by looking and guessing?

Please put my curiosity to rest!


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  • yes I think girls do, well I do but I don't guess the size...i mean if you look good and those jeans your wearing are showing your package in a good way then I'm probably gonna look secretly haha and if a girl says she doesn't look, she probably is because most of us do little things subconciously when we like a person. I heard if someone is attracted to a guy/girl there feet subconciously points towards them.isn't that weird huh.well sorry went off track haha hoped I helped!


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  • I never look at guys crotches, I'm to concerned with them being in good shape and I could care less about their d*cks. I just give most guys the benefit of the doubt that they have at least 5 inches. I'd rather sleep with or date a guy who goes to the gym regularly and has a 5 inch penis than a guy with a beer belly who has 9 inch penis.

  • -I do look,but I do it discreetly.

    -I wonder how big he is,what it looks like,if he's natural,trimmed or shaved(bare),what color it is,how long he is,how wide he is,is it straight or curved,then I go on to wonder how long he can last.

    -I take a guess in my mind of whether a guy is "hung" or not.I usually judge by his height,weight & build.I DO NOT take into account race,that's ridiculous.

    -I do look at the guy down there without being a complete perv and creeping him out,and I just wonder things

    • How often?Whenever it's a hot guy,or one of my athletic male friends or anyone

  • well I am a bit of a pervert, ill admit, but I look/grab my mans d*** probably 10 times a day, as for strangers, I'm always looking, I wouldn't say I'm at all as accurate as your friend with guessing size, but you can very easily fish out the small and the above average

  • I admit I look and imagine what's there. It's just fun, because they can all be different. But its true that you can't tell because some, like my boyfriends, are pretty small limp but get quite big when erect. So I just look a little and try to picture what it might be like.

  • Ha ha all girls look at a mans crotch think its some sort of instinct, most don't even realise they're doin it. And you can usually guess what's its like by other factors hands, build etc

    • Tests show that there are no relation between the size of a man's penis and his build, the size of his hands, feet, etc.

      Sorry, but it might just have been lucky guesswork. You can't tell a guys size by his hands or body build.

  • I look at Bulges all the time. They get a lot of my attention because it's attractive & it's one of the first things I notice on a guy even though I don't know them well enough to see them naked. I do guess how big it is when I look at bulges, all the time.

  • yeaah I'm gonna be honest , I do that aalll the time, but I don't look and try to like, gauge the size. I just admire ;) HAHA


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  • And there was me thinking only us men were perverted :) . But don't listen to the theories of the hand/feet size thing, I can honestly say it isn't true.

  • The most failure thing about this is that some guys are showers and some guys are growers...

    You'll get about as much information as you will looking at his shoe size.

    • He speaks the truth

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    • Yes, from the smallest package can sproingeth the largest dong :-)

    • Lv4lv is spot on. There's way too much difference between flaccid and erect to tell a guys size, and things as shoe size and stuff aren't related to a guy's size either.

  • Girls perv, they can't help themselves, seen it so many times, girls perving on other guys or even me you can't miss it when you see their eyes go down there...

    Thier has been some research done on this, female subjects wore glasses that tracked the eye focus of the women, guess where the eye contact went to...

    Their was a really weird study about women and porn, and birth control pills. The ones that weren't on birth control concentrated on the rude bits, but the ones on the brith control pills focused on jewlery,cloths, shoes, furniture etc... go figure...