Girls: how often do you check out a man's bulge?

I've read on the site that some girls don't even think about it, where other girls are always looking at guys' crotches (discreetly) to see if he's got a big package tucked away in there under his pants One girl I know guessed my size to within 1/4" (which was a major surprise of course, as she's... Show More

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  • yes I think girls do, well I do but I don't guess the size...i mean if you look good and those jeans your wearing are showing your package in a good way then I'm probably gonna look secretly haha and if a girl says she doesn't look, she probably is because most of us do little things subconciously when we like a person. I heard if someone is attracted to a guy/girl there feet subconciously points towards them.isn't that weird huh.well sorry went off track haha hoped I helped!