How to lighten the areola?

Can I use a bleaching cream with hydroquinone to lighten the areolas?

I don't want speeches on love yourself,accept yourself,it isn't going to help with attraction


Most Helpful Guy

  • Unless you can change your dna you're probably stuck with it. I think you're more likely to hurt yourself then succeed.

    As a guy I just find it depressing that women are so desperate to change something about themselves that isn't a defect. It's becoming a serious problem when girls feel so much pressure to conform to an image that they have to change not just their clothes or style but their very bodies. It's almost tragic to me that girls with healthy, beautiful bodies want to do that themselves and it makes me angry to be honest. Dark areolas are not a defect.

    Please believe me when I say that your areolas are not a turn off to men. If a guy bails on you because of your areolas, he's an asshole, end of story. The other 99% of guys will find them just as hot as lighter ones.