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Sexiest Body?

Alright guys, I've been battling this for years, I am an elite gymnast and volleyball player, I've been with guys who are insanely disgusted by women... Show More

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  • They're intimidated. It takes a firm sense of self to date someone who's much better conditioned (or smarter/richer/more conventionally attractive/more artistically talented/etc.) than you are.

    You might want to get good at propping up fragile egos. Or, alternatively, you can date people who are emotionally secure.

What Guys Said 4

  • o... m... g... if i was with you, i would treat you like a goddess. since im not into the breasts you wouldn't have to worry about that. i actually find that to be very attractive how you have very visible abs. but im just wondering, do you also have muscular thighs?

  • I can't imagine why not.

  • Sounds like you're pretty hot to me... I'm not really into boobs but I do like a tone body and nice butt. You just need to find the right guy. Many of my closest guy friends feel the same way so I know I'm not alone!

What Girls Said 2

  • from what you described, you sound beautiful...Shame on them

  • I don't know. I don't think there's one type of "beauty", I think that all body types are beautiful. I think women stress more on body image than men do.

    Maybe the guys didn't wanna take you to the beach because they didn't want you to see them exposed, I doubt it was because of you.

    • Hah well then you should see my stomach! it looks like an a$$ but in the wrong place.

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