Am I still a virgin?

Ok so yesterday I gave and received my first blowjob ever! I was really excited, but anyways he said he wanted to have sex with me but he couldn't because he didn't have a condom. I was sitting on top of him and he put his thing in despite what we discussed. He got it in an inch before I pulled out. But anyways I wanted to know if I would still be considered a virgin?

lol what I meant by receiving my first blowjob was that he fingered me and ate me out. Sorry for the confusion.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would say you're definitely still a virgin! One inch is barely touching it and certainly you didn't have sex. It was just a little more intimate touching, like if you had only put the head of your guy's penis in your mouth and then took it out, I'm sure you guys wouldn't consider that he got a blowjob. Like if he had never received a blowjob before he'd still be a virgin as far as having ever gotten one. He would have to clue how it felt just like you still have no clue how having sex feels. But you said you gave your first blowjob and that it was exciting so that was a good start, but he must have eaten you out, not given you a blowjob. wrong word. lol! Which felt best?