Is he's too big for me?

I noticed on another question that someone said that a guy had asked how deep she was. I didn't even know deepness was an issue.

Sometimes sex with my man hurts a little bit. Also, certain positions hurt more than others. Now, I haven't seen a lot of cocks in my day to really know but he seems quite well endowed. I've never asked how big he is (because I wouldn't want to be weird) but when he gets hard it gets pretty damn huge and I'm a tiny woman. Could that be the issue? If so, is there anything to be done?


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  • Well a woman is usually 6-7 inches deep, meaning how long her vagina is until it stops at her cervix leading to her uterus. An average man's penis is 7-8 inches long, when erect. A woman muscles will contract and expand to accommodate the average size man. A sexual position such as missionary is comfortable if you are with a man who is larger than average because the way the bodies come together most of his length does not go in. Positions that would be uncomfortable for the woman would be positions where the man has more access to the vagina such as the woman on top, because she is putting her weight down and this would mean she would be at the end of the penis' shaft, which is most of the time hidden by the man's pelvic area. A "doggie-style" position would be uncomfortable too if the man pushes himself into the woman more than she can accommodate. The uncomfortable feeling you are having is when he is at your cervix area which can be uncomfortable. If your man is thoughtful and kind and would still like to continue having relations with you, he wouldn't mind if you told him he was large and that it hurt during certain positions. I bet if you did let him know he would love you for it and make sure that he did not hurt you when you were together. If he doesn't care, then you need to rethink that relationship. Hope this helps.

    • I agree with the rest of your statement, but the average guy is not 7-8. It's more like 5-6.

    • Women are really bad at guestimating the size of a guy, even if they sleep with them on a regular basis, they always think there guy is pretty big. Although we guys underestimate our size as well, but usually we think we are too small. I look in the mirror and I feel like I could use another 2 inches but when I am with a lady and I look down it seems so gigantic in comparison to her body. But I am really average 6" standing up 3" around. very average.

    • Got to agree, no way on earth the average man's penis is 7-8 inches long (I wish), it's no more than 5-6 like gravygirl says


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  • It's true that 'deepness', particularly lack there of, can be an issue during sex. If your man is more well endowed than some (good for him), than this could be the case. One way to tell if the problem is deepness, is the next time you two are going at it, tell him to go slow, and stop once he is as far in as he can go. One of you should be able to tell if he's hit or is close to hitting bottom. If so than future pain or discomfort can be avoided by a change in position, or asking him to go in only part way during sex. The former would probably be easier, and more enjoyable for both of you.

  • i have noticed at first I am with a girl she is tight as 'ell and it takes then at least a month to get loosened by me. then I can get all of me inside of her... sometimes I can feel I even go deeper and it is like I hit a wall or something (it is not the cervix) because when I push it in she can feel it as tight as 'ell. I work this for a little while. I have been told no man has ever went to spots I have gone... makes me smile...)awesome)


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  • I agree with all the answers so far, but I want to throw another thought at you. Did you know a women's cervix changes position as the ovulation cycle progresses? During your period, it's at the lowest and actually is a little stiffer. During ovulation, the cervix is at its highest and softest. I read about this on a few fertility sites. So maybe if certain positions are hurting, you might try out different times of the month for those position. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing if this works, but it was a thought.

  • Sex with woman on top means that you can gauge depth and stop when it becomes uncomfortable. When you say you are a tiny woman I assume you mean height-wise but there is no correlation between height and vaginal depth so you should be ok on that score.