My girlfriend had a foursome in the past and this has left me feeling intimidated and thinking irrationally...

I just found out my girlfriend had a foursome, and despite the fact she wasn't in a relationship at the time I feel intimidated and sexually charged... Show More

l, she just tied me up
lol, she just tied me up

she typed that!

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  • I would never date a girl that did that, so you're not alone. I don't know why she let you know in such detail, that waasnt really a smart move. I don't think that it will ever stop bothering, and you can't change her past, so you ought to just look for someone who is more suited to what you want

    • I asked her for more detail- I didn't really want to know but I couldn't help myself- what if I want to stay with her and to try and let this blow over? I'm quite sure she might be up for it again but I was never THAT keen until all of above questions- if we tried somthing for fun it may be out of my system but what about her- when you love someone the intimacy matters! otherwise it woldn't be an issue would it!! I could just cast her aside and go for it- she's opened a door that should

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    • Good answer......shes filth mate.

    • Ok, so SHE'S filth, what about the guy tied to the chair? Was he filth too for participating?

      Why is it so bad for a woman to experiment like this? Do you guys think you're *better* than us?