Is my girlfriend bi/gay?

So last week I found pictures of my girlfriend and her best friend (female) taking pictures of themselves bending over, showing their vaginas, and another pictures with there shirts down and their breasts touching. I confronted her and she claims that in no way did they get turned on. She said that is how they joke around and that they never do it when I am not around. At the time of the pictures they were in the bathroom of a friend's place while I was in the living room. She stands by what she said and tells me she had no bad intentions and it was just playing around.

Now, I am an open minded person but this isn't the first lesbianish thing she has done. When we started dating about 8 months ago we were hanging out at her house and I heard her kissing that same friend in her room with the lights off. I confronted her and she told me she wasn't gay. That it was just a way of showing her affection.

A few weeks later her friend dropped her off outside my house and my girlfriend gave her a big kiss (make out style). About two months ago we went to a strip club and my girlfriend told me that when I went to the bathroom her friend made out with her for a few seconds.

On top of that my girlfriend has told me that her best friend's boyfriend is paranoid of her liking girls. Why would he think that? And a friend of mine who has known my girlfriend longer than I have has told me he always thought she was bi. AND...we were watching V for Vendetta once and my girlfriend told me her favorite part was the story about the two lesbians. friend told me that girls have asked him if my girlfriend and her friend are gay.

Am I just being paranoid or should I not worry? She says if she were gay she would say it but when I asked her what her mom thinks she said her mom would die. Maybe she is too afraid to come out of the closet? She has also told me she prefers to dance with girls than men.

What should I do? When I saw the pictures I broke up with her but took her back. Is she gay? I need some advice from you girls. Cause I do not know of many girls who act the way they do.

The night of the pictures we were all drinking and they were pretty drunk. My girlfriend grabbed her friend's hand and they went to the bathroom for around 10 minutes.


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  • Dude, your girlfriend is way gay! I have friends(girls), and I would never ever make-out with them or take nude shots with them. That's just gay beyond all words. In the least, I agree with everyone else, she's a cheater and she's gay! seems like you're most worried about her being a lesbian, when you should be more worried about her cheating on you, which by the way you let her get away with. And seriously all the signs of her being gay are layed out in front of you. Anyways, ditch her before she hurts you anymore or confuses you any further. Good luck!

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      I have no issue with her being bi , just as long as she doesn't act out on it.

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      Also, they were both drunk..but that doesn't make it right either, right?

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      Duh!!! You know the answer to all this nonsense, but just don't want to admit it. She's a cheater, enough said.