How to stay clean down there?

clean down there?


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  • Easy. Spread it apart with your fingers and rinse it out with warm water. That's all you need.

    Don't use soap or anything with fragrances, alcohols, or other irritants. Other than the fact that they're irritants and they dry out the vagina they can actually increase your chances of an infection.

    Here's an awesome page on the topic link


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  • Warm water is enough.

  • no don't was with soap. just use salt and warm water.

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    • Ok ill buy that

    • Wtf, you don't have one. Why are you instructing SALT of all things? :p Warm water is adequate enough, dear. I think you're thinking of a saline solution, but that's not really necessary for women's nether bits.

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  • Just your normal; everyday general hygene will keep you nice clean and fresh down their! No need for any exotic soaps, lotions, tonics, etc. Good old h2o works just fine.

  • Warm/Lukewarm water,and your fingers.

    No soap,no detergents,no body wash,no douches,no vinegar,no salt and no chemicals.Plain ole' water and your hands.

    If you happen to get smegma,use a Q tip to get it out of the crevices and from under the clitoral hood.

    Should you have a fishy/sour odor(not after you work out),then seek medical help from a gynecologist,it could be a yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis.If you have an odor just after working hard or working out and being physical,I wouldn't read into it too much.

    Wear cotton panties,it allows your vaginal area to breath,if you have discharge,use a pantiliner.

  • Summers Eve

  • you wash with soap

    • No don't wash with soap use a special product especially for that area or you'll be more prone to things like thrush and bv

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    • I don't smell, I don't have any diseases, but thanks

    • Soap just irritates and makes things worse. You also can develop these small, white bumps due to using that. It's not a disease or anything, just a reaction to using it. They're harmless, but odd looking if you keep it up with the soap.