Do guys enjoy hearing a women scream their name or moan their name during sex?

guys and girls feel free to share what you think, every opinion matters, thanks


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  • LOL

    It's not a bad thing. Unless you are in a private situation where you don't want others in the same house or a hotel room to hear you. That would kind of ruin it.

    • Lol but wouldn`t it boost your ego?

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    • Strangers.. no problem. Friends.. hmmm. Relatives.. HECK NO!

    • Hahaha!!

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  • yeah if there's no one around, and kinda gets annoying if the girl is too loud. if their too loud I just punish them by being rougher muahaha ;) because iam beastly ha

  • I find the experience quite enthralling. In fact, I like to hear my victims cry for help for their loved ones as I saw into their flesh.. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I think I'll go offer someone a ride home :)

    • Soo weird and I suggest you ride yourself home, no1 else

  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT! Makes sex more better...

  • id rather her scream sh*t or f*** me

    or don't stop thinks like that.

    • Um why would she say sh*t *rolls her eyes* lol

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    • Why the hell would she say sh*t

    • Because she wasn't expecting to come so many times or as hard or as fast

  • ^3 thumbs up hell yes biggest turn on ever it gives the man the power and shows he's doing a good job ;o

    • :0 you have 3 thumbs lol

      a good job indeed lol

  • i like it when I my girlfriend moans, it makes it seem like she likes it more when she moans...

  • i just figure whatever helps gets you off. is gonna make me happy. ya know?


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