Does sperm have a lot of calories?

Does sperm have a lot of calories? I don't wanna swallow it if it does...


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  • Of course it does! Where do you think babies gain all their weight before being born? Swallowing sperm will make you gain as much weight as a baby weighs. And they usually weigh around 6lbs or so. So if I were you, I'd spit it out. Just having it in your mouth might make you gain a pound or two. >__> I think you should ask your boyfriend if he wants you to blow him, or go out with a soon-to-be fatty.

    • Lolllllll

    • Haha that's FUNNNEY!!!

    • No. I'm kidding about the whole thing. xD What you would be swallowing would be a BUNCH of sperms, and only 1 of them is required to make a baby. So no. I was just messing around. =p

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  • oh Jesus ...

  • There are some calories in a small amount but it's noting to dwell upon. It has iron in it and a lot of protein. If your doing it like 10 times a day everyday then your doing it a little too much.

  • No baby, it's only about 4 calories or so a tablespoon, so eat it all up and suck a lot of d***.

  • Depends on how much you swallow I would think...and it has the potential to get you pregnant so factor that weight in worse case senario...

  • Thank you for making me chuckle this morning.

    • :D x2

  • Protein sauce?

  • Funny, but seriously, sperm is about 85% protein, which is (no kidding) healthy for you. Yes, I said it! Sperm is actually quite healthy.

  • I'm stunned by this question.

  • It doesn't have a lot of calories, but it can transmit STDs, and a lot of other crap, so I wouldn't swallow it even if was good for your diet.

    • Why the hell did people give thumbs down to this guy? I hope you people DID learn in health class that you can get STD's from oral sex. You don't even have to swallow, either.

  • probably not

  • Haha, you are actually worried about getting fat from cum? You must swallow loads then.

    • Exactly! I really don't want to be a fatty...

  • its like eating/swallowing meat actually cause your greedily devouring a poor unborn child! O.oso protien is there...not many calories to worry about tho

    • Yes exactly...your chopping away at unborn humans are canibles sometims

    • HAHAHAhahahahayessss. Actually, it's like swallowing thousands of unborns.In the words of cassidy:Ya sis oped, and I'ma open her blouseStick my d*** down her throat and start stroking her mouth (whoa)I let my unborns float in her mouth

    • How is it not? :)

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  • I think this question is hilarious but you know you don't have to worry you burn 300-385 calories with an hour of sex

  • its mostly protein lol

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  • hells no! it's nothing to worry about and anyways semen contains a lot of fructose and other organic compounds and nutrients that are good for you (skin, hair, even teeth)

  • Each ejaculation fills up only about a teaspoon, and each teaspoon only contains about 5-7 calories. It varies depending on the age of the guy (the younger, the more ejaculated) and on how long he was erect before ejaculating. So no, there is NOT a lot of calories.

  • no its actually very very healthy and stop being quite so much of a weight freak !

  • 7 calouries per teaspoon

  • Not to worry about the calories, all those little swimmers are full of protein and that is good for you.To swallow enough come to worry about the calories, that would be the least of your problems.

  • Hey slut,Get your bullsh*t off of here, don't worry about extra fat repulsing guys worry about the fact that you're a complete whore and THAT is a major turn off

    • Oh fursure, I love that kinky sh*t, do it everyday

    • She's not a slut for asking this question. You're probably the one I read about on this site who likes to have her boyfriend pop off onto her hot dog as an extra topping. Maybe you're the girl I've read about on this site who likes to save up her boyfriend's sperm, keep it fresh and refrigerated so she can drink later with her dinner.

    • Wtfff

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  • I hurt my forehead from smacking it so hard.

  • PFFF! This is the funniest question yet! XD

  • 15 calories per tbspoon

  • On average, there's about 90 calories per tablespoon

    • I eat vegetarians... :p

    • BAHAHAHAHA toulouse!!!!! <3

    • It looks like a lot more than one tablespoon...must be like 500 calories loli'm a vegetarian, soi wil never swallow*

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