Do women like it "rough"?

Hard Thrusting, Pulling Hair, Spanking Ass, Dirty talking, The man grabbing and taking control.

lol..."take the bull by the thorns and have your way with it"

Why do you like/not like it rough?

And, what would you prefer,

- slow casual sweet sex ?

- OR hard, rough...and everything I described earlier?


Most Helpful Girl

  • All of the above. I love slow sweet love making as much as I love hard rough sex. I like a good balance of both. Honestly I love dirty talk probably more than a lot of girls. Its so weird because I am not naturally submissive in my daily life AT ALL but when the panties hit the floor its like I love to be degraded verbally. Its so freakin hot! I like all kinds of dirty talk it just makes things seem nastier, hotter. Name calling is my favorite. :)

    Love hair pulling, especially when I'm getting f***ed doggy style and the Guy reaches up and yanks my head back and slaps my ass. That's like pure heaven right there ha ha

    Spitting is okay sometimes I guess.

    I have a nice round ass and I love to show it off so it's perfect for spanking. The guy I'm sleeping with is pretty much obsessed with my butt and he loves spanking me.

    I like submission I guess. My ex boyfriend wanted to try walking me on a leash around his place and he would yank it a little and slap me hard in the face if I didn't crawl the right way or something like that. I love that kind of stuff.

    If a Guy I really like wants to treat me like a whore off the street in bed sometimes then I certainly won't complain. I love it. :)