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Do women like it "rough"?

Hard Thrusting, Pulling Hair, Spanking Ass, Dirty talking, The man grabbing and taking control. lol..."take the bull by the thorns and have your way... Show More

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  • All of the above. I love slow sweet love making as much as I love hard rough sex. I like a good balance of both. Honestly I love dirty talk probably more than a lot of girls. Its so weird because I am not naturally submissive in my daily life AT ALL but when the panties hit the floor its like I love to be degraded verbally. Its so freakin hot! I like all kinds of dirty talk it just makes things seem nastier, hotter. Name calling is my favorite. :)

    Love hair pulling, especially when I'm getting f***ed doggy style and the Guy reaches up and yanks my head back and slaps my ass. That's like pure heaven right there ha ha

    Spitting is okay sometimes I guess.

    I have a nice round ass and I love to show it off so it's perfect for spanking. The guy I'm sleeping with is pretty much obsessed with my butt and he loves spanking me.

    I like submission I guess. My ex boyfriend wanted to try walking me on a leash around his place and he would yank it a little and slap me hard in the face if I didn't crawl the right way or something like that. I love that kind of stuff.

    If a Guy I really like wants to treat me like a whore off the street in bed sometimes then I certainly won't complain. I love it. :)

What Girls Said 24

  • I'm not into pain at all, but I'm sure a lot of people are, and as long as you don't feel threathened by your partner, it will be enjoyable for both. I think you gotta have this certain level of trust for BDSM.

    I prefer a progression of things, like starting off completely innocently and then slowly getting more erotically rough over time...what I mean by erotically rough is like playful, light spanking, biting, bondage, etc.

  • Great question. I personally would love it hard and rough. There is just something about a guy taking all control and "taking what is rightfully his." It's so hot. Slow casual sweet sex is good maybe for the first timers, but I want it rough. There are some girls out there who wouldn't like it rough, but there are also a lot of girls who would love it rough.

    • "taking what is rightfully his".....i love that quote lol

    • I find it completely true too... lol

  • I like all of that. As long as you're not trying to like pull my hair out! haha. I like it because it's almost animal-like, as if the guy just couldn't control himself with me so he just unleashes on me. lol BUT slow sweet sex is also good. I believe there's a certain time and place for each.

  • For most girls MY age and from about 16-20 (well the girls that I know anyway) we like it hard, no pulling hair or spanking or dirty talking, maybe a little whisper here and there and taking control, maybe holding her wrists together above her head.. Lots of foreplay and make sure she really wants it.. Girls like taking control sometimes, and like being taken control of others.. we don't go over the top though and we don't expect you to.. :)

  • omg I love it rough! I love when I guy holds my arms above my head and just pounds me but I'm not a fan of the dirty talk or the spanking pulling hair is good to an extent

  • Definitely like it rough because it's so wild and passionate. Having a guy kind of 'use' me just seems so hot to me! Everything you mentioned would be great!

  • Majority of the time rough sex is better like all you said plus more but as for make up sex I think sweeter is better.

  • i like both hard and soft, but love getting my hair pulled and getting spanked so rough more. hard thrusting can be painful in certain situations but its still good too

  • for my first time I wanted the whole candles, rose petals thing but it ended up being total opposite. we were at a party and the whole night he would just come up and whisper in my ear how badly he wanted me and talk dirty and I'd go to him and do it and so on and so forth. anyway, after a while he just grabbed me and pulled me upstairs. I started to strip and from then on it was the definition of rough. I pulled his hair, dug my nails in his bak, he was on top, there was spiting and moaning, just intense veverythihng, personally I thinkk it was amazing I don't know I prob sound like a slut right now but that's just what I like.

  • Rough sex yes please!

    Unless I'm in a slow mood. It really depends.

    If there's a candle lit dinner and romantic stuff involved beforehand then slow, but any other time ROUGH!

  • I definitely love it when the guy takes control, no matter if the sex is rough or slow, huge turn-on.

    I actually like to vary between the rough stuff and slow & intense (not so much sweet) to build things up nicely ^^

  • I Perfer It Rough Because I Can Take The Dick Nd It Pleases Me , And Dirty Talking Is Evan Better

  • Most woman like it rough and very much wanting the man to be in control of it,but as for other woman they like it slow and passionate because they like to feel where the pleasure is going

  • rough

  • rough.

  • i like it when the guy takes control and somtimes rought is good but I also think that slow and sweet is also good! :)

  • I like both. But I also like somewhere in the middle. Like slow and sweet, but also I wouldn't mind like bursts of excitement. No matter what sex it is, I like my hair to be pulled, being man handled, talking dirty, and spanking. It's so fun and really doesn't hurt :)

  • i love both... I love slow sweet sex. but I love when my baby takes control its a major turn on to me.. its so sexy hehe... I love when he pulls my hair.. and spanks me.. and thrusts so hard .

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when a guy takes control of me. Personally, I wouldn't like my hair pulled that much, but I'd LOVE everything else. Also a little bit of teasing would be good(;

    • Well its not really pulling the hair out lol...more like a wee tug or pull.

      ....also you mentioned "teasing"....any specific moments or moves you had in mind?

    • One time, my boyfriend was going down on me and took his time. He'd kiss me on my inner thigh and then come back up and kiss my lips. It made me want him so bad!

  • I think a combination of rough with everything you described (apart from the hair pulling and spanking and "some" dirty talking) and soft makes for great sex.= passionate I guess

    other times I would be in the mood for rough and than sometimes soft., so it depends

    i I do not like the hair pulling and ass slapping-- that's just so vulgur to me personally

  • I LOVE being dominated. Spanking, dirty talk, the whole nine yards.

  • Love rough sex and the guy in control

  • Yes. I like it rough, and I would prefer it rough over slow the majority of times.

What Guys Said 4

  • As I'm growing I've gone to realise that EVERY girl loves it rough... They want you to be animal like, i.e let your passions take over...lol.

    Funny how guys and girls are different in the way of their thinking, behaviour, etc...but when it comes to sex we are completely in tune with each other.. i.e we both get pleasure from the pleasuring the other...

    My point is don't hold back.. if you wanna grab her ass, spank her, bite her nipples; don't think she might not like it... because if you love it, she will love it aswell..

    Basically what it all goes down to is CONFIDENCE!

    • Well said mate

    • I personally agree, however unfortunately there are plenty of girls that would not like it at all if you spanked or bit her...they just can't let go and relax and they put up this wall. Sad really. All that stuff sounds amazing to me lol.

    • Even with those, once they get to relax.. and a smile, they love it too...

      But I see you like a bit of roughness aswell..xD, your Boyfriend must love u.....

  • My girlfriend does not like any kind of rough at all. Since I don't do anything rough, as that is completely alien to me, she often commends me on what I find I am. She says most of her girlfriends complain about rough guys and would love to have a guy like me.

    I think if you're a guy and you presume all women love it rough, you are going to be with some women once and never again. If you're sensual to a woman who likes it rough, she might have you back. If you're rough to a woman that hates it, you will never be invited back. If you try it rough for the first time at the outset, thinking that is the best choice, then you're stupid.

  • I think they like it soft and romantic in the beginning, specially during foreplay. A long kissing session followed by playing with their boobs and sucking on them. By then, most men are rock hard. When women see an erect cock they are amused because they feel they are the cause of it. On seeing an erect penis a women knows that now she is going to get fucked and this is what she wants. A man also desires to thrust it deep into her pussy. This is when they want the man to take over. This is the moment when she wants to feel that he desires her so much that passion would take over reason and he would just pounce on her and devour her. This gives them a profound satisfaction of being desired endlessly. At this moment, I hold her by the wrists eat her boobs with passion and kiss and lick every inch of her body till she is trembling with pleasure. I know now her pussy is dripping and aching to gobble my cock. I shamelessly place her in the position I want and slowly place my cock on the entrance of her pussy and then give it a slow deep shove. For the girls the first shove is one of the best feelings of sex. Once I am in and we are united, I just stay there as for me this is ecstasy. Now she is mine but I want her to belong to me and this is when I start to thrust. Slowly at first so that she can enjoy my cock as I am enjoying her pussy. Slowly I increase pace and force and start to pound that pussy with full force. I mean I really F-U-C-K her. Putting her in the position I want and take her the way I wish. I knead and forcefully hold her body, while I do this, but not a single woman has ever complained. They simply love it. As is obvious, this gives me a mind blowing ejaculation which I try and place deep in her pussy, but at times the cock has slipped out and spurted all over her but they find it natural. When I was young and not much experienced I use to treat them delicately but now I have learned that they are made to be fucked full force and they don't break.

  • my girlfriend likes it hard... but I don't know if she would like hair pullin and sh*t...

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