How can I get rid of my foot fetish?

A couple of weeks ago I was out with a friend from college and we were getting drunk and talking and stuff, and she asked me about sex and stuff. I told her I have this thing about feet and pumps and high heels and ended up telling her all about this little fetish thing that I have.

Anyway, a couple of days later I'm in her room watching TV and she puts her feet right in my lap with her heels on and asks me to take them off. I was shocked and got butterflies and everything but I did what she asked. Then she starts moving them around and of course I got real turned on. She starts looking at me really hard, at my face, and says something about how now she knows I'm telling the truth. Then she says I have to go and when she hugs me as I'm leaving she presses herself right up against me and says that because she made me hard with her feet I'm going to think about her all night and all the next day, and she giggles.

Of course I did.

She's done the same thing a few times since and now when I go over to see her she always puts her feet in my lap and even rubs her feet on my face and my chest, making kissing noises. I always get really hard but if I try to talk to her about it she tells me to shush or says she's tired and I have to go, but she always tells me that I'll be thinking about her all the next night and the next day, which is true.

I love it but I hate it. And she's started saying I should kiss her feet to say thank-you, and a couple of times I've ended up cleaning her room and doing her washing while she watches TV and flicks her feet about in my face, or tries shoes and boots on and asks me if I like them.

Then we play the feet in the lap game and I'm like a jelly all over again.

What can I do? Does this mean I shouldn't see her any more? Or can I get her to go out with me and let me do stuff to her too?


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  • If it's something that you are into, and she is willing to go the "extra mile" to help, then why wouldn't you want to see her more. If she is doing this all just to tease and get things from you then drop her now. She will just continue to use you. But if this is something that can turn into a real relationship that is healthy, then I say keep with it. You really need to see what she says about some of this stuff. Ask her if a relationship is something she would be interested in. Like I said, If she isn't, then don't let her use you anymore. I promise there is someone out there who will be in a relationship with you and will give you what you need. I even bet they will let you continue with your foot fetish. They will love you for who you are. And you won't have to clean their room or do their laundry in order to get them to like you.

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      I guess maybe, but we've been friends for a while now and we know each other and I do like her. And I've never told anyone about it before, even though I've been interested in women's feet since I was at least thirteen. I don't know if I could ever tell anyone about it again.

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      It's a nice idea, but I've met a lot of girls who find feet disgusting, and don't even like their own feet. I've brought the subject up in innocent conversations several times but a lot of the responses I've got don't give me a lot of hope. That's why this is so special.

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      Then I suggest you tell this girl exactly how you feel.

      And like I said, Someone Somewhere will like you for it.

      It's not just a nice idea, It's a reality.