Turned on by CHEATING Girlfriend!?

I got home 3 hours earlier than I usually do and my girlfriend was not home yet. I heard her coming up the stairs (we live in an apt.) with a guy who I suspected my girlfriend was cheating on me with (they work together). Anyways, I hid under the bed and sure enough they had sex on the bed like 2 feet above me. Weird thing was, I got really really turned on and even masturbated. I was thinking that this was like the strangest thing, actually get turned on by my girlfriend cheating on me. I don't get it, why was that such turn on and so exciting for me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Its called cuckolding and is a fetish of the masochist kind. (the M in SM and BDSM) just look in Google with these search arguments.

    If you feel it's degrading for her, there's the S (sadism) in those expressions. It can be both, of course.