Turned on by CHEATING Girlfriend!?

I got home 3 hours earlier than I usually do and my girlfriend was not home yet. I heard her coming up the stairs (we live in an apt.) with a guy who I suspected my girlfriend was cheating on me with (they work together). Anyways, I hid under the bed and sure enough they had sex on the bed like 2 feet above me. Weird thing was, I got really really turned on and even masturbated. I was thinking that this was like the strangest thing, actually get turned on by my girlfriend cheating on me. I don't get it, why was that such turn on and so exciting for me?


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  • Its called cuckolding and is a fetish of the masochist kind. (the M in SM and BDSM) just look in Google with these search arguments.

    If you feel it's degrading for her, there's the S (sadism) in those expressions. It can be both, of course.


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  • this has to be a joke, right?

  • I agree with coolguy. You seriously need help. I really don't think that's the normal reaction of someone who's just been cheated on. Too weird. ha ha it made me laugh though.

  • Personally I would of never hid under the bed and I probably would of just cried (rather than get turned on), but that's just me.


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  • Vicariously having sex with her.

  • you're obviously crazy. go see someone that can help you.

  • its a very common fetish cuckold is a category on any website. I understand why you like it, but personally I am more into the idea of an open relationship because i do not like being lied to. You aren't crazy don't listen to those people they haven't even begun to explore there own personal sexual identities so they just repeat what society says they should like and leave it at that. If you like something good look into it further and anything else new that arises as well. Everybody has at least one Kink most have multiple kinks. Some admit and have fun fulfilling life's and some deny and rob themselves of true happiness.

  • alot of guys like the idea of their girl sleeping with another guy... check this out my ex had a talk with me saying he wanted me to have a threesome with TWO GUYS and he wanted to watch... I ended up doing it like a month later he was sitting on a chair watching 2 guys f*** me he even grabd lotiona and started jerking of... it didn't bother me at alll