I was raped by my best guy friend's step dad. What do I do?

earlier today I went over to my best friends house to see if he was there, I was already driving so I figured it would be easier to drive by than call him. his truck was in the driveway so I figured he was home. I walked up to the door and just went it. I never usually knock and I'm not expected... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Um...

    1. Call the police

    2. Get a rape kit at the hospital done on you

    3. Take pictures of your messed up face

    Regardless of whether he was drunk or not doesn't give him or anyone else the right to do that.

    Fuck being scared or embarrassed, be PISSED! I'd be p*ssed!

    A man just violated you! Speak up so it doesn't happen again, and again, or to someone else!

    • Agreed, don't shower. It might wash away the sperm.