Numbing cream?

I went on a 1st date with a guy I have known for some time now. We ended up having sex, but this idiot put some kind of numbing cream on his penis to keep him going longer. Anyway that was the night before last and whatever it was my vagina is still numb from whatever it was. I've cleaned it with everything short of a scrub brush. Isn't phasing it at all!

Any of you girls ever experience this before?

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  • no I have never experienced this maybe you should ask him what it was or go to the doctors or something good luck

    • Dr tomorrow if this isn't better by then

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    • Y don't you let guys use condoms? that's kinda askin for trouble.

    • That is why we have the morning after pill and if I don't know the person well enough to know he is free of STD's he is not putting anything of his in me anyway!!!!!