How do I get my wife to sleep with other man?

I've always wanted to see a couple having sex. now that I'm married I wouldn't mind watching my wife. I've ask if she wanted to and said no. should I let the idea go or pursue it?

ok ladies! thanks so much for your fast responses! I will let the idea go and cherish my wifes feelings. we'll do the homemade!


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  • There are a lot of people that have open sexual relationships and it is not an easy road. There is a new show on CBS (I think) called Swing Town that shows some couples exploring it and some of the trials they go through. It is not for everyone and if your wife was adamant about not wanting to do it then I would respect her wish. Over time she may alter her view, but never push her into something she does not want to do.

    I experimented with swinging with my first wife. We had some issues that came up, but who isn't in a society that is taught to tie love and sex together or ownership of another person (the original idea of marriage being that women were property to take for ownership through the trade of something such as a dowry), but we were always able to work through it. My first marriage ended because we had just gone in different directions.

    With my second wife we have begun teaching sacred sexuality and exploring every different form of sexuality if not in practice then by observation. We aren't into swinging personally because it rarely allows for a connection between two people. Many of the people don't even know the other persons name. But, I have seen a number of couples who have come together even more strongly that the earlier parts of their marriages. These couples are also very strong in who they are as an individual and very understanding of their relationship as a couple.

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  • Um, okay. Your asking a lot of your wife, probably to go way out of her comfort zone just for something you want to experience. If your wife says no, she says no. There is no pushing her into something she doesn't want to do. Because if my husband, ever told me he wanted me to have sex with another man so he could watch. I'd tell him he was straight up out of his mind.

  • Ok I could see you maybe wanting to watch someone else have sex, but watch your wife in the arms of another man I can't see that. And furthermore I can't see that ending well for anyone concerned.

    If this is a fetish that you are set on fulfilling do you have open minded acquaintances that you ( or you and your wife) could arrange to watch, that would be somewhat safer then bringing another person into your relationship. If not I'm sure there is some sort of swinging/fetish club somewhere that caters to this sort of thing.

  • Lol wow why would your wife do it with someone else if she loves you and want to do it only with you. Le it go she will never do that, if you want to see a couple having sex just get some sexual movies, or their is some live internet sexual videos.

  • you dont!

    you respect her!

    now love her because she doesn't want to share herself with anyone else!

  • She said no, leave it at that and respect her wishes, Download some real home made porn films instead.

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  • I can see you have the idea already that it'd not be a good thing. way too risky for you. I've come across of Penthouse's mags that feather that crap as a routine desirable thing. That's not even a good fantasy much less something any same man would want his wife to do for real. Those mags thrive on the "as far out as possible" in hopes of stimulating a man's sexual urges. Bad stuff to keep out of one's mind.

  • honestly, you can say it just sex all you want and I know there are fetishes for it, but in reality she will just feel that you don't really care for her.

    when I was married at one point we decided to experiment with an open relationship. I cannot even tell you how ugly things got. yeah, sure, it was "just sex" but I ended up getting jealous, she felt like I didn't care about her because I was letting her do it, and even after we ended the open relationship the downward spiral was already set into motion that eventually lead to the end of the marriage 2 years later.

  • WHY would you want to share your wife? I wouldn't even share a girlfriend that I loved.