How do I get him hard over text?

I have been dating this guy for a little is unfortunately long I talk to him...i want to make sure that he still gets the hots for there anything I can do in particular over text/video messaging to do that...preferably without stripping down completely? thanks again!


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  • Wear a tank top or anything with cleavage.

    • think it will work even though he is really good at controling himself?

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  • Haha, I like the suggestions other people have posted! I think the key is to stimulate the sex organ in between his ears by letting him use his imagination!

  • If no visual, describe in graphic detail masturbating your p*ssy.

    If visual, wear a suitably thin (for sensation) but covering bottom and masturbate on cam for him.

  • i get an instant hard on. with her when she said..shed kiss a girl. cause that's many a guys fantasy is for his ger to kiss a girl but not like it. lesbos are hot. in a sense. and I know I'm going home with her in the end..

    even if you don't want to...tell him that..and he'll probably get a insta-boner


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  • txt him with moans and stuff then tell him that your pulling down his boxers and sucking his d***, tell him your wet and stuff like that...don't forget your dirty talk

  • just send him a text saying exactly that: "I want to get you hard. Right now." And then just go into what you want to do to him, or what you want him to do to you. Or, one time I took pictures of my underwear on the floor, and said, "Hmmm... if they're on the floor that must mean I'm naked ;)"

    • Agree. I do similar, like say ' I'm in the shower' and he texts back 'NAKED:P!' we go from there

    • I like that last bit

    • I do the same. Even with the whole showering thing. I like to say sorry if I don't respond to your texts right away, I hopping in the shower. He loves it. I let Him know exactly what I want to do to him. And tell him I wish he was with me.

  • take some sexy pix for him in Ur sexy p.pj's or bikini or a outfit you know he likes.

    and tell him how much you want him or how much you wish he was there

    and continue with telling him how you would please him (: