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Ladies how often do you give your guy head?

How many times a week?

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  • whats head?


    • Yes

    • Everytime we are having sex ,,, because I love ittttt :P

What Girls Said 5

  • Almost every time we have sex and a lot of times I like to surprise him for the fun of it. lol.

  • i give my boyfriend head every time were going to do it, before, or whenever. I love it specially to see his reactions the question here is how often

    do you give your girlfriend head?

  • Every time I see him pretty much. Give or take... But blowies always lead to other things. He would rather have sex than a blow job anyway.

    • Woah! your boyfriend is a luck guy :)

  • I would say once a month at best not my favorite thing to so at all.

What Guys Said 1

  • Head? What's that? Ohhhh wait, I remember. When my girlfriend used to do that to me a lot and then just stopped because she "doesn't have to anymore"

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