Women, why do you laugh at a guy who has an erection in public?

I know, some women do not, some women are offended.etc. However, a lot of women think it is funny, humiliating the guy. Why do you laugh? Guys, have you had an erection in public and had this reaction from women?


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  • I've laughed. My friend and I saw a guy on the train who was standing and looking down this seated girl's shirt. She had big breasts and I'm sure he could see a bit from that angle and he was totally hard. I wasn't the one who noticed it, but once my friend pointed it out to me we couldn't stop laughing. I guess it seemed funny because you don't usually see it, and it seemed so out of place. Maybe also because it seemed like he didn't realize we had noticed, as he made no effort to cover it up. We certainly weren't trying to humiliate him and we didn't say anything that he could hear (although a women behind us heard and then she was laughing too). Other than that one time, I don't think I've experienced anything like that since I was a teenager. Oh, and one time at the Gay Pride Parade, but that guy was clearly trying to be funny. I don't know if it was even him that was sticking out or if he'd shoved something down his pants.

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      The poor guy! lol

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      He might have known just what he was doing, and was giving a little show on purpose.

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      If you mean the Gay Pride guy then yeah, sure. I don't think the other guy was though. It's been a while now, but if I remember it right it wasn't like he was looking around for people's reactions or anything.