Women, why do you laugh at a guy who has an erection in public?

I know, some women do not, some women are offended.etc. However, a lot of women think it is funny, humiliating the guy. Why do you laugh? Guys, have you had an erection in public and had this reaction from women?


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  • I've laughed. My friend and I saw a guy on the train who was standing and looking down this seated girl's shirt. She had big breasts and I'm sure he could see a bit from that angle and he was totally hard. I wasn't the one who noticed it, but once my friend pointed it out to me we couldn't stop laughing. I guess it seemed funny because you don't usually see it, and it seemed so out of place. Maybe also because it seemed like he didn't realize we had noticed, as he made no effort to cover it up. We certainly weren't trying to humiliate him and we didn't say anything that he could hear (although a women behind us heard and then she was laughing too). Other than that one time, I don't think I've experienced anything like that since I was a teenager. Oh, and one time at the Gay Pride Parade, but that guy was clearly trying to be funny. I don't know if it was even him that was sticking out or if he'd shoved something down his pants.

    • The poor guy! lol

    • He might have known just what he was doing, and was giving a little show on purpose.

    • If you mean the Gay Pride guy then yeah, sure. I don't think the other guy was though. It's been a while now, but if I remember it right it wasn't like he was looking around for people's reactions or anything.

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  • I don't think it's funny if a guy is humiliated in public for any reason. I've actually never had a girl friend that find humor in it. And least not that they have expressed around me.

  • I find it unusual if I notice (and chuckle to myself) but normally I have my eyes glued to my boyfriend and don't even notice the other guys. He's gotten an erection in public before and I just took it as a form of compliment ;) I definitely didn't point it out but he did make an attempt to hide it. I could tell he was embarrassed so I wasn't going to say anything or laugh.

    • That is very nice of you!

    • I have known women to provuke erections in public on purpose!

    • That's mean, I 've never known a girl/woman who's done that but I could see it happening. Especially the way I see many teenage girls acting in public today :(

  • To be honest I get turned on when a guy a know or my boyfriend gets hard at anytime or any place so I giggle to kinda cover it up.I don't get embarrassed its natural its going to happen. I just wonder what they seen or what they were thinking to make it happen lol

    • Interesting, thanks for your comment.

    • That is what makes boners awkeard, people seem to assume that when you get them it is because you are turned on by something. A lot of the time, boners arrive to keep the penis oxygenated and healthy, which is why teenagers get a lot of them (as their penises are growing). So when you get one of these in public, it gets embarrasing because people seem to assume you were turned on by that guy over there, or some other dodgy target.

  • If it's a guy that I a with then I will usually giggle in a pleased sort of way. I haven't seen a "random" guy in public with an erection since I was about 11 at the swimming baths and I laughed then because I didn't have a clue what was going on!

  • Would you laugh at the women whose skirt was tucked into her knickers showing her bum to everyone walking down the street! Erection - Its just unusual, and unusual provokes normally the giggles IMO.

  • I never laugh,may be smile but not laugh.it's normal for a guy,we girls are getting wet also sometimes,just nobody notices it,for exemple in a club while dancing with him ;) So just little girls laugh I think.

  • It's just funny, and then you wonder. What do they get turned on by? Or who? is it you, or your friend, or is it that seemingly gay man over there? so yeah.

    • Would youi react different if you were with your girlfriends?

    • Maybe...I'm not sure.

  • I would never laugh. I might laugh quietly to myself. But I'd never let them know that I noticed :)

  • Haha it's hilarious! The first time I ever saw one was when I was making out with my boyfriend and I looked over. (I didn't know what it was because I was pretty sheltered) I asked him what it was. Now it's just SOO funny.

  • I don't laugh at random guys, but I know last yeah your gym coach had a boner and it was soooo funny because he tried to hide it with a clip board.

    • He must have been embarrassed!

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  • Yeah, I have had plenty of erections while in public places. I don't know how many if any women saw it, but I laugh about it because I think it is funny. Sex in general is funny and I think too often we take it way to seriously. It is a comical activity full of weird noises, funky body smells, and awkward looks. That doesn't mean that I don't have complete respect for it. I also don't get embarrassed about something that is natural. Sure there may be some awkwardness, but if someone thinks it is disgusting then that, to me, is there problem. I am not running around point it out and will try to take the best care to ensure people aren't uncomfortable, but in the end it is funny. :-)

  • I think the women laugh because they know that the man probably was either embarrassed and didn't mean for it to happen or he was purposefully thinking lustful thoughts about a woman. I have had an erection in a college while doing summer aerobics and weight training class with some women in those classes. The teacher was female and we where doing one of those exercises that I was looking at those very hot blonde in class and soon the erection just came on. I guess being a black man the women in the class started to laugh and the teacher laughed and made a joke thinking I had a large banana in there or something like that. I guess those women thought they seen the biggest one in their life, but since I was wearing a jock strap I could feel the soreness develop afterwards. I was wearing those sweatpants with the elastic waist and drawstring on them. Getting an erection in public can be quite embarrassing depending on where you get it from, work, church, outdoor activities, those places can be quite embarrassing. Some women it offends them and these are the type of women who usually are inhibited sexually in a way or very proper with a lot of manners and etc. If you feel that you often get erections in public then maybe you should wear some underwear that would not make it noticeable that would hold it in or something like that.

  • I agree with grace86. I haven't seen that since I was 12 or 13. What is it that's turning this guy on?

  • Normally when I get a stiffy in front of Girls they'll be giggling hysterically

  • Sometimes you get an erection for no reason. It is just something a man's body does at will sometimes. Not only is it embarrassing at times, it can be scary at the wrong time. One time it popped up when I was playing with my gf's 5 year old daughter. You can imagine how horrible timing that was. So women don't think men get them in your presence because they are attracted to you. Sometimes we just get them out of the blue, especially the longer it has been since we had sex. Actually hate to say it, but it is a lot like a fart. You hope you don't have to at a bad time, but really have no control over when or how often. If it is at a horrible time, you just try to run away to a safe place until it is over or you take care of it.