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Weird Sexual Requests?

My guy wanted me to Pee all over him, because it turns him on! So I did! Has anybody ever asked to do a weird sexual requests? OR do you have any... Show More

I noticed that sometimes when I'm having crazy sex with my guy (especially when I'm drunk) I tend to pull his hair and smack his face! lol It turns me on! And he seems to like it! He never complained about about it!

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  • yeah I don't really see the word weird at all.its just more like personal preference.its what some people like and some don't and if you don't try it, how do you really know if you like it or not.i've done the pee thing.been peed on.and peed on someone too.naked and through underwear and one girl peed while she was orgasming.she was totally embarrassed but I didn't really care.she came so that's the main thing.i've been asked to play dress-up.suit's sailor, marine, cop. even wore her underwear which one girl really liked.and other things too so its what you like and are willing to do.so just think of it as fun and experimenting and seeing what you like.good luck finding it out.

What Guys Said 4

  • I have seen and heard all sorts of weird things that I don't consider weird anymore. I'm not into water play or scat play for that matter, but I have heard from people who have done it.The most interesting thing I was asked to do was act as a plate while people ate food off of me.

    • That sounds pretty hot!!

    • That does sound really hott!!!

  • Hey if you twp don't mind then go for it. There are "adult" sites that show squirting. That's when a women is masturbating & she pees right at orgasm. Check it out.If he again doesn't mind you pulling his hair or slapping him then the same applies go for it!HAVE FUN!

    • Squirting isn't peeing. It's ejaculating. Like when you cum.

  • I don't have any weird sexual things that I need to turn me on. I have heard about guys that like their girls to pee on their genitals, like sit on them while they're on the toilet and pee so that their genitals get soaked.

What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm.I personally wouldn't get into that, but it is not about me, but about the two of you. So ifyour okay with that, great. As far as the slapping, etc. that sounds great too. I would think thatthere is usually a partner who likes to be controlled more than the controllee. And well your are at it, you could throw some monopoly money into play! Him paying you to dress up in leather, bring your whips, chains, etc. Oh yeah, bring the level of pain he likes. Good Luck!