Why do guys hate virgins?

haha,I was just wondering.Every guy I talk to is automatically turned off by the fact that I'm a virgin ha ha so I pretty much have never had a boyfriend or have been kissed.Most of my guy friends say virgins make bad girlfriends and stuff.So why do guys hate virgins?Should I maybe lose it to a guy friend so I can at least not be a virgin?

wow I guess I am pretty much doomed to die a virgin then: ( I guess I could always get a cat ha ha

Well thanks everybody
WELL,I decided to have sex with the guy friend,we did it earlier,it hurt like f***,painful as sh*t & didn't feel good at all and it wasn't good,but at least I'm not a virgin anymore!Plus I had my first kiss,first bj,first time having sex all at once haha


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  • Wow if you do loose it to a guy friend then he is the luckiest person I've met : ). Guys don't hate virgins trust me it really doesn't matter at your age now if your 30 and still a virgin that will definitely put a man off but at your age it doesn't matter. However at your age a lot of guys are stupid :). Here is what virgin means to a guy ages 15 - 25, you are a virgin therefore you are prude, not going to put out, wanting to go on dates for a long time before we have sex, I have to handle you carefully, you might become clingy, you must suck in bed, it all comes down to 2 things. If your a virgin the stereotype is it will be very hard to get into your pants and afterwords you will be extremely clingy. Now this can go 2 ways if a guy is for lack of a better term, "nice" he will actually want this because it means you are faithful and you won't cheat on him, annnndddd he can tell his buddies that the reason he hasn't had sex with you yet is because your a "good" girl. This all relates to something else and its the biggest hurdle for a lot of girls including my girlfriends. You have to understand that men are absolutely 100% no doubt about it never will change SEXUALLY DRIVEN. The earlier women accept this the easier time they will have understanding men, we are visual not emotional. We are attracted to girls with nice asses not nice personalities (at least at the beginning of a relationship of course we care about personality but I'm talking about initial attraction here). So you can see how you fitting into a stereotype that says sorry no sex will turn guys off. I hope this helps sorry it was long but I wanted to be thorough.

    • Heehee I told people guys don't care about personality ha ha and they don't believe me

    • We do care about personality I'm only talking about initial attraction. OK look let me put it this way. If you are a really good looking girl no matter how bitchy you are I will want to sleep with you but if I decide one day hmmm I want to be in a seriouse relationship with this girl then I will think about personality much more however her looks will still be just as or more important than personality and yes that is true with most men sorry ladies and don't get fooled by any guy telin you diff.

    • Umm,guys will stay with an ungrateful bitchy girl if she is attractive.It has no affect on how serious a relationship is,if the girl is good looking,that's basically all that matters.Guys could give a rats butt about personality

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  • Not all guys hate a virgin, but yea most guys don't like them.

    Several reasons, most virgins we come across are not going to be easy, where we can just ask for sex and get it.

    Most virgins, you have to "talk" them through it. Tell them it's okay. She will ask will it hurt? Are you going to go easy? 20 questions ya know, after taking "the quiz" as we call it we're not even in the mood anymore.

    Second, virgins can and are clingy 95% of the time. Sleep with one and take their virginity and they are all over you, calling you all the time, etc.

    So to avoid all of that, most guys just avoid virgins all together.

    • Uh ok,with your theory,half of the female population would be virgins

    • No lol - Just more for the guys they do like virgins -

  • Understanding you are too young and should wait until you are 18:

    We don't. It's just that you are more likely to say "no" and not know how sex is done. But a guy looking for long term love will consider you a blessing. The idea of "raising" a lover (a "keeper") in sex is very appealing to the man you should want. Wait a while, though.

  • I certainly don't hate virgins and id deffinitly not be held back in dating one based on that, nothing against women who arn't virgins but I find it highly admirable when a girl decides to stay a virgin and I have a lot of respect for them knowing that they are choosing to save themselves for a special guy. I think to be the eventual guy that you decide to give it up to would (depending on the guys outlook) make them feel really special to know that you decided to give it up to them.

    Alot of the time, guys that don't like virgins don't like them because there interested in a quick fling and not a long term committed relationship, they are put off because they don't want to worry about the relationship aspect, are these the type of guys your aiming to be with?. To have sex with a virgin generally means the guy would have to commit to them and be close. Not something that a guy who just wanted sex would be willing to do.

    I say congratulations for not just giving it straight up, save it for a guy that means something to you and not just a random hookup with a freind. There are plenty of guys that think a girl that is a virgin is not a turn off at all including me. You have nothing to worry about but make sure its your decision and not the influence off someone else. Good luck :P

    • I take back what I said....

  • guys don't hate virgins, and the reputation for virgins as being bad gf's is ridiculous, and don't loose your virginity because some dumba** high school boy said he doesn't like virgins loose it when you want to, whether in high school college or when your married at least loose it when your in love cause its the best feeling in the world, and do not deny yourself that because of some guy

  • cause your in HS, and non of them want to wait to get in your pants. They see you as a challenge. For young little jack rabbits, they just want to get it in and get out.

    Be true to yourself and find someone who doesn't care that you are one. You don't need to broadcast it to everyone. It's non of their business.

  • Well there are a couple things that guys not technically hate but are kinda scared to be with a virgin. The first thing is the fact of clingy. A lot of girls get clingy and kinda devoted to the guy that takes her virginity. The other thing is most girls not all soon after they lose it then they kinda go on a sex craze and end up cheating or just start to sleep around. So its not that we hate virgins its that they are more complicated than girls who aren't.

  • It's not a problem for any guy who likes, and respects you.

  • I couldn't care less if a girl is a virgin or not. Not all guys think like that. I think it's kind of weird they think like that with you being in HS. Too much sex with people now.

  • i don't hate virgins. id like to marry one actually

  • Not all hate vigins I personally like it more but getting older not to many virgins anymore for me. untammpered with and safe. If you held it for a long time don't lose it to a nobody make it worth your wait. Trust me I've had girlfriends 18 1 years old and lot it to a chump hey regretted it

  • This might help.


  • Some guys like them they are the kind of girl you marry...

  • I think the guys who don't like virgins are just looking for a girl who puts out, soon after becoming her boyfriend or even just for FWB.

    imo virgins are cool and I'm a virgin too btw.


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  • Your looking in the wrong group of guys! There are lots of guys who would love to be with a girl to have as girlfriend to do fun things with and not worrying about getting into her pants.

  • Your update saddens me.

    • Yeah I know what you mean that's how I felt

    • I think it's sad that people act like it's some burden to get rid of when it's not really a burden. I know that people have varying views on what virginity is to them, but the way she reacted to it was kinda sad. I wouldn't be surprised if she looked back in ten years and regretted it.

    • Yeah deffinitly, I know she feels that some guys don't like virgins but why go for those same guys that have no value for it?, I just think her chances on getting a decent guy are severely slimmed if all she wants to do is appeal to guys that want a quick fix

  • No offense, but consider the age group we're talking about here. They're morons.

  • The guys who don't like virgins are generally the kind who just want to bone you and then leave. Usually when a girl loses her virginity to a guy she feels a strong attachment to them, and a guy who just wants to get laid doesn't want to deal with a girl tying him down like that. Most guys I've talked to about it haven't had a problem with dating a virgin, because they want an actual relationship and an emotional bond, not just sex. You're not doomed to die a virgin; you just haven't met the right guy yet.

  • Well considering guys seem to hate all virgins,I'll die a virgin too!Apparently we are screwedddd:-(

    You could always use a big dildo a few times,then have sex with a real guy heehee.Eh all guys care about are looks,whether you'll put out and whether or not you're eye candy.Good thing I'm bi heehee

  • To guys,virgin translates into prude.boring.blah.nothing to offer.

    • Not to me, to me virgin mean pure independent and strong willed

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    • Excuse me ? Virgin guys aren't idiotic ! They just wait for the right person and the right time. I agree with BaseBallBandFreak27

    • Did I say anything about virgin guys?I said to GUYS,virgins<---virgin girls are prudes

  • Don't do something you don't want to do trust me hun, I'm a virgin too and guys that I know find it a turn on, those guys you know are just probably looking for girls who are freaks but someday you'll be ready to loose your virginity and make sure its with somebody you love, because not all guys are the same. Don't pay any attention to them.