Why do guys hate virgins?

haha,I was just wondering.Every guy I talk to is automatically turned off by the fact that I'm a virgin ha ha so I pretty much have never had a boyfriend or have been kissed.Most of my guy friends say virgins make bad girlfriends and stuff.So why do guys hate virgins?Should I maybe lose it to a guy friend so I can at least not be a virgin?

wow I guess I am pretty much doomed to die a virgin then: ( I guess I could always get a cat ha ha

Well thanks everybody
WELL,I decided to have sex with the guy friend,we did it earlier,it hurt like f***,painful as sh*t & didn't feel good at all and it wasn't good,but at least I'm not a virgin anymore!Plus I had my first kiss,first bj,first time having sex all at once haha


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  • Wow if you do loose it to a guy friend then he is the luckiest person I've met : ). Guys don't hate virgins trust me it really doesn't matter at your age now if your 30 and still a virgin that will definitely put a man off but at your age it doesn't matter. However at your age a lot of guys are stupid :). Here is what virgin means to a guy ages 15 - 25, you are a virgin therefore you are prude, not going to put out, wanting to go on dates for a long time before we have sex, I have to handle you carefully, you might become clingy, you must suck in bed, it all comes down to 2 things. If your a virgin the stereotype is it will be very hard to get into your pants and afterwords you will be extremely clingy. Now this can go 2 ways if a guy is for lack of a better term, "nice" he will actually want this because it means you are faithful and you won't cheat on him, annnndddd he can tell his buddies that the reason he hasn't had sex with you yet is because your a "good" girl. This all relates to something else and its the biggest hurdle for a lot of girls including my girlfriends. You have to understand that men are absolutely 100% no doubt about it never will change SEXUALLY DRIVEN. The earlier women accept this the easier time they will have understanding men, we are visual not emotional. We are attracted to girls with nice asses not nice personalities (at least at the beginning of a relationship of course we care about personality but I'm talking about initial attraction here). So you can see how you fitting into a stereotype that says sorry no sex will turn guys off. I hope this helps sorry it was long but I wanted to be thorough.

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      Heehee I told people guys don't care about personality ha ha and they don't believe me

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      We do care about personality I'm only talking about initial attraction. OK look let me put it this way. If you are a really good looking girl no matter how bitchy you are I will want to sleep with you but if I decide one day hmmm I want to be in a seriouse relationship with this girl then I will think about personality much more however her looks will still be just as or more important than personality and yes that is true with most men sorry ladies and don't get fooled by any guy telin you diff.

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      Umm,guys will stay with an ungrateful bitchy girl if she is attractive.It has no affect on how serious a relationship is,if the girl is good looking,that's basically all that matters.Guys could give a rats butt about personality