Why won't women admit that they only want men for their money?

There is not a single woman alive that will date a man who doesn't have any money.Sure you can say that women will date a man with "GOALS" and "AMBITION" and "MOTIVATION."But all that's doing is saying that you will only date pirates with GOLD.AND THEN trying to defend yourself by saying you also will date a broke pirate with a TREASURE MAP.Ill admit that I'm gay and I like men because I'm not ashamed of it. I've stopped liking women ALONG time ago.For reasons that I prefer men and women are ugly.Just admit it, it makes you look stupid and dishonest when you lie and say otherwise.

UGhn.. even though I pointed out that women will use the pirates with the treasure map argument they can't help themselves.
Go ahead and lie and say you think a man who's lazy, with no goals and no ambition is sexy.
If you tell me that you'd marry a bum and you have, than that might be an exception, but I never see it.
I like how some people use the "not all" argument. Find me ONE woman who was a millionaire and married a BUM off the side of the road, who have been married for more than 2 years and he continues to not have any goals and continues to be a bum.
Then ill shut up. as long as its real. JUST ONE.

I agree with d*** masterson.

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  • I'm not saying ALL women do, but having someone with goals and ambitions is important to us because even if you're not making money now, we plan to get married and have kids and buy a house, etc. Who wants to try and do everything by theirself? But, men do it too, they don't want to date a girl with no ambitions or goals. That shows a person is lazy and doesn't care where there life goes. I'm not saying I wouldn't date a bum, if he was willing to clean up his act and help pay for things I wouldn't have a problem. When my boyfriend and I first got together he didn't have a job, but he was looking. It was 4 months before he found anything, but that didn't stop me from dating him. It's not like we only date rich men, we want to make money to support ourselves too. The economy is awful and it would be hard to raise a family and live out the dreams we have on a one person salary. So, you have no room to stereotype or judge because men do it too.

    • I think that's bull. If a woman had no dreams and no ambitions a guy would not want to date her. But it's whatever. I mean there's a point in your life when you wanna settle down and have kids and buy a house and guys don't want to have to raise a family on their own either.

    • Your a woman, of course you would say that. Men do not care if a woman has no job. They could not possibly care any less.

    • Take away Angelina jolies money and she wouldn't be as hot. No makeup, no surgery, no gym membership, no nice clothes. I mean really, I've never met a guy who would stay with a woman if she didn't have some form of a job. Even if her job is just being a mom, she is still contributing. There are trophy wives who don't have to work, but there's women out there that have trophy husbands too.

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  • Yeah I don't think girls don't admit that they wouldn't date losers. I mean why wouldn't you want to get a job and be worthy of yourself, let alone anyone else. For me, it all boils to confidence. Hell if you're a 100 percent confident in your joblessness I'd still be attracted to you. You'd just have to be comfortable in your skin.When I speak of this, I mean respect on a level that's irrestitable because you value yourself so highly, job or not, Chances are though, that YOU are still going to think that YOU are a bum, subconsciously at least. And that radiates out from you, which is immediately putting off. But like some girls have said, there are so many women that are with men who never intend to do anything with their lives, why do you think that is? It's because their husbands are perfectly secure in themselves, and on a primal level, that's all that women need. Hell it's not even a gender thing. Men will not go out with girls who are losers. If goods looks is a criterion, she might be the best looking girl ever, but if she doesn't see it or feel it, no one else will. It's just human nature

    • You were pretty convincing until the end. Men WILL date women who are losers as long as they are hot. They don't give a rats ass if she's confident or not. She doesn't even have to open her mouth until the man says "blow me."And its not about confidence its about a woman respecting a man, and you don't respect a man who has no ambition, regardless if he's happy and confident about how big of a loser he is. He's got to have at least "some" ambition. He can't be a bum.

  • You sound so stupid and narrow minded in your insistence that every woman of this world conforms to your neurotic, pathological and vastly simplified views of human nature. Seems like your Mother hurt you a lot during those crucial formative years, and you have a lot of hatred towards women {your father obviously wasn't too helpful either), which translates into your obsession with issues like this one. Was your Mom a gold-digging whore and that's why you harbor so much hatred for women in general?I mean - we get that you're a homosexual male who is also a misogynist, but you obviously cannot fathom that relationships between healthy and mature adults are not as exploitory as your parents/caretakers' relationship apparently was. You certainly generated a lot of discussion on here, but this entire question / statement you're presenting is just too dumb in its singularity. ("JUST ONE")

    • Whats ridiculous is the fact that your too stupid to notice is that I bring up specific examples and even when don't I have the original post to fall back on. You don't come into a place like this and ONLY name call.That's called TROLLING.Go and have lesbian sex with one another you gold digging TROLLS.

    • Agree with the anwerer, that is. By the way, question asker - as far as I saw, you dealt quite a few "whore" and "gold-digger" epitets yourself in your comments, but are suddenly concerned with "name-calling". Ridiculous.

    • Anonymous, you nailed it. I totally agree

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  • False. My mom got married to my dad and he was broke when she met him. And he has no college education. While my mom was making six figures/year my dad didn't even have a job when they met, they still got married. So don't assume that all women want men for their money cause that's not true.

    • "I don't need an outsiders perspective and statistics to prove a point. "- That certainly doesn't suggest that you are supportive of factsI can put all women in that category, have and did, and because its true. Not to mention I have facts to back that up. Whereas you do not.

    • I never said that facts and opinions don't matter in an argument. The facts you provided just don't matter to me cause I know what you're saying is not 100% true. I'm going to say it again, NOT ALL woman only want men for their money. Some women do in fact only care about money, but you can't generalize every single woman into the gold-digging category.

    • If someone brings up facts, it no longer becomes "opinon". ANd anyone that says facts don't matter, is pretty dumb. Things like "statistics and facts" yeah what the hell do they mean anyways, they never prove anything. HA. "don't try and convince me with the facts, my minds already made up."HA.

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  • Well I am not really sure what your grudge against women is especially calling all of them ugly but to answer your question I married my husband and he was a student he had no job. I supported us for 4 years until he finished school and don't start in with the fact that he was going to make money one day becasue he was in school he is nurse not some high paying job and I still make more then him. So there you found one woman who was willing to date and marry a man with no money so stop stereotyping it just makes you look ignorant.

    • Well good then, good for you liking a man with "goals" and a "job". That sounds about right.

    • No, not at all. I was saying that he was not a student the whole time and even though there is nothing wrong with working at a grocery store it does not pay well. My point being I would have happily married him even if he stayed at his job at the grocery store.

    • Good, at least he had a job. To me that almost sounds like you saying that he worked at a grocery store was a bad thing. Like it was some lowly job, and you would rather have him make more money doing something else.

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  • You're being ignorant for making an assumption like that. There are plenty of poor/lower class men out there who are married to women who love them unconditionally. Yes, financial stability is important to most girls, but in the end, if you love the person, their bank account doesn't matter.

    • Actually, he broke up with me. He said I distracted him from work. Don't assume that I did the dumping just because money was the issue. And I'm going to just go ahead and call you a liar, because I honestly don't believe that you know anyone in that situation.

    • A few actually. You breaking up because the man liked money? I guess that's sorta believable. That's like the pirate hording all his money, I mean if he's the one who likes money he's probably not going to share any with you. That's why so many women prefer the company of men rather than women.

    • How many people do you know that have even gotten a sex change, let alone someone who was married? What you tried to say was that all women are after money. Whether it be a man's current financial situation or his potential future. My ex boyfriend and I were together for years, and he worked as a cook at a local restaraunt making minimum wage. He was happy where he worked, and I was happy because I knew he liked it. We broke up because he got promoted and turned into a money obsessed douche.

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  • I am not being dishonest when I say I don't care about a guy or his money. I do very well for myself and earned it all on my own. Not that you believe it but it DOES boil down to his attributes and how he treats me for me to determine if I will date him or not.

    • That's the best you got? try again.

    • Aww his feeble little mind ran out of come backs so now he is resorting to churlish name calling. Such a waste of life.

    • Yes you are. You should be shot and put down. You actually look like a horse too.

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  • What are you trying to do here, Kill down your competition for men?. But in part you could be right some women do think the way you put it, but then again some of those may be lesbians and they don't really care about men.In my experience it all depends on the circle that you move in. Women in my way of life are excellent, respectful and with high ethics of a women. You should try moving in a different circle of friends and maybe, your start liking women again. NOTE: I do not have anything against sexual preferences.

    • Ok fine ill comply and qualify myself. Sure. Because I see nice straight male friends get used by women ALL THE TIME. and it p*sses me off.

  • because my girlfriend is already rich..richer than me. so I really doubt she's after my money. lol

    • I put the taco bell thing in there on purpose cause I knew that's the only thing you would point out.BEcause there are women out there that don't mind being taken to taco bell, and there are plenty of women that go dutch. BUT there are none that will pay EVERY TIME on every date. Were talking dates, not relationships that they are already currently in.Funny how you ignored that, but I knew you would.

    • She said she wouldn't mind taco bell dinners. she's that kind of girl. she just wants to be treated better than her last boyfriend. money or not

    • I like how some people speak as if they are the ones who are the EXPERTS on how other people think and feel.And no girl really wants to be taken to taco bell on her first date, or PAY for ALL the dates. They say that if you respect a girl YOU WILL PAY.

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  • (Age:30 to 35) You should know much better.NOT "women""Some women".

    • Every gay man has excuse to be gay, its called we like d***. Again, nice try.

    • Who do we have here? A gay guy picking on women. Why? A gay shouldn't need an excuse to be gay.

    • Then they would be bi. Not gay.Nice try.

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