Why won't women admit that they only want men for their money?

There is not a single woman alive that will date a man who doesn't have any money.

Sure you can say that women will date a man with "GOALS" and "AMBITION" and "MOTIVATION."

But all that's doing is saying that you will only date pirates with GOLD.

AND THEN trying to defend yourself by saying you also will date a broke pirate with a TREASURE MAP.

Ill admit that I'm gay and I like men because I'm not ashamed of it. I've stopped liking women ALONG time ago.

For reasons that I prefer men and women are ugly.

Just admit it, it makes you look stupid and dishonest when you lie and say otherwise.

UGhn.. even though I pointed out that women will use the pirates with the treasure map argument they can't help themselves.

Go ahead and lie and say you think a man who's lazy, with no goals and no ambition is sexy.

If you tell me that you'd marry a bum and you have, than that might be an exception, but I never see it.

I like how some people use the "not all" argument. Find me ONE woman who was a millionaire and married a BUM off the side of the road, who have been married for more than 2 years and he continues to not have any goals and continues to be a bum.
Then ill shut up. as long as its real. JUST ONE.

I agree with d*** masterson.



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  • I'm not saying ALL women do, but having someone with goals and ambitions is important to us because even if you're not making money now, we plan to get married and have kids and buy a house, etc. Who wants to try and do everything by theirself? But, men do it too, they don't want to date a girl with no ambitions or goals. That shows a person is lazy and doesn't care where there life goes. I'm not saying I wouldn't date a bum, if he was willing to clean up his act and help pay for things I wouldn't have a problem. When my boyfriend and I first got together he didn't have a job, but he was looking. It was 4 months before he found anything, but that didn't stop me from dating him. It's not like we only date rich men, we want to make money to support ourselves too. The economy is awful and it would be hard to raise a family and live out the dreams we have on a one person salary. So, you have no room to stereotype or judge because men do it too.

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      Men are not concerned with money. Do you think that men wouldn't marry angelina jolie if she was a bum? OF COURSE THEY WOULD. they would hose her off and have sex with her and if she was cool they would marry her too. It would have been better if you said "no man wants to marry a 500 lb woman"

      And I like your qualifier there. "if he was willing to clean up his act." That defeats the whole point of him being a bum.

      But at least this post was more honest.

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      Your a woman, of course you would say that. Men do not care if a woman has no job. They could not possibly care any less.

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      I think that's bull. If a woman had no dreams and no ambitions a guy would not want to date her. But it's whatever. I mean there's a point in your life when you wanna settle down and have kids and buy a house and guys don't want to have to raise a family on their own either.