Girls: How often do you *fondle* yourself?

As a guy, I'm used to swinging the bat back and forth; just out of boredom if nothing else...after all it's so *accessible*...and it's essentially "begging" for attention (at least standing at attention a lot of the time!)

So girls: How often do you fondle yourself?

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  • I'M A girl and I never fondle myself Vote A
  • I'M A girl and I fondle myself once a year. Maybe. I did it once last year I'M sure of it!!! Vote B
  • I'M A girl and I like to fondle myself once in a while. Maybe once a month... Vote C
  • I'M A girl and I love to fondle myself. Can't keep my hands out of my pants! I need help here people!! Vote D
  • I'M A guy and I always fondle myself and would be willing to fondle any girl at any time. Even in my sleep I want to fondle girls. In fact I dreamt about fondling a girl last night. I'm actually fondling a girl in my mind right now... Vote E
If you fondle yourself once a week, then that might as well be a month...if you fondle yourself every day (somehow), then your answer is D for Duh. It would be cool if you described exactly what your fondling technique was since it could be anything...

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  • There's nothing between once a month and all day?

    • The way I see it, either you fondle yourself because you like it, or you don't. You eat when you're hungry because it makes you feel good. Sure you could starve every other day (and might even live longer!) but yet we eat because we like it. ~Not~ fondling is like willfully avoiding something that connects with your body and ~always~ makes you feel good, like eating. Is it more narcissistic to touch yourself, or to ~not~ touch yourself for pleasure?

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  • These questions are asked on a day to day basis and it seems like now it's getting to the point where whoever asks is trying to get a kick out of the answers to jack off to.

    • Yes,fondling,touching ones self,which is in turn masturbation.

    • ...But I'm not asking how girls masturbate...I'm asking a completely different question about "fondling". Guys fondle themselves all the time and we want to know how often girls do this, too (if at all). I take it that you see fondling ~as~ masturbation, is that correct?

    • I have never accused guy of being perverts,I clearly said I've repeatedly answered these types of questions openly and it seems that these questions are no longer being asked out of curiosity.

      You could type in girls,how do you masturbate...or something along the lines of that

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  • I play with myself most nights before sleep and most morning when I wake up I just can't leave it alone and I'm married with sex on tap I just love playing with my big **** wife will either watch or join in or take over does this answer your question?