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Why do guys find squirting hot?

I tend to squirt when I orgasm, I don't see why guys like this.

Girls: Do you ever squirt?

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  • When a guy has an orgasm, it's obvious. When a girl does, it's not... unless she squirts. So squirting takes all the insecurity of wondering if you made her come out of the situation. Plus it's a subconscious bragging thing, even if we never tell anyone else, knowing that we made a girl squirt.

What Guys Said 11

  • It is a very physical sign of a girl's orgasm... so it is a turn on to see she is having that much pleasure.

    Of course, I also like pee, so I'm a little weird...

  • Being marked is the greatest and hottest pleasure and compliment a girl could ever make. Being squirted upon is incontrovertible proof that she had an orgasm with me.

  • 1-) No way of faking it. It is pure orgasm.

    2-) It looks as if you can't control it. As if you can't hold it in. As if you can't help yourself but reach climax. That is a turn-on for most guys.

    This reason also explains why lots of guys like bondage, domination and submission videos: The girl can't help it. She just reaches orgasm. (At least that's what they want the audience to think).

  • we can tell that she is NOT faking

  • yea because it is hot and to knw you can't be faking it :)

  • we know that we've accomplished a great job and we like to see the result. I wouldn't be supriesed if a guy asks if he can swallow it!

  • i don't know why ether I just do

  • We like it because it's a clearly visible indication of extreme pleasure. Also, it's something that's seen frequently in p*rn. It's the ultimate in wetness... guys LOVE a girl who's wet.

    • Oh haha

    • And, of course, not all girls can squirt. My wife always has the sensation like she's squirting - she even feels between her legs afterward to see if she got the sheets wet - but nothing acutally comes out. The pleasures definitely there, though.

  • We can know that you have cummed and we are visual creatures so the more visual stimulation we can get the hornier we get :D

  • How would you feel if a guy slowly and sensually peeled down your pants and panties and started squeezing, massaging, and kissing your Butt cheeks. And then gently spread them apart and starting licking your Butt Hole like an Ice Cream cone. Would you like that?

What Girls Said 9

  • Just as we know that when we are with a guy and he ejaculates we have done a good job with him, guys think the same way as us squirting is actually us ejaculating.

    I will squirt (more like ooze out) almost always during an orgasm.

  • Yeah I do it.

    And I think guys like it for probably several reasons.

    One would be that it's pretty much like their own orgasm. They have an orgasm and something comes out. So when a woman squirts I'm sure it just lets him know that the woman has come. No guessing. No wondering if she is faking. He just knows.

    Plus, I think it's toted as the ultimate orgasm for a woman. Like the highest pleasure a guy can give her. Not all girls can do it either. So if a guy feels like he got her to do it, then it's like not only is he a good lover, he is one of the best lovers. He gets to go to a different level of awesome cause he is one of a few guys that got to see something happen and was responsible for it.

    That's my guess.

  • i do it all the time

  • I've only squirted once or twice during intercourse, but I squirt all the time with toys or when being fingered, my one ex was obsessed with getting me to squirt while he ate me out, I never understood why, and he could never make it happen in the end.

    • Haha, yeah I have no idea why guys are so turned on by this?

  • I squirt all the time. My partner loves it and get very turned on. I am not sure why though but the more I squirt the hotter he thinks it is.

  • Yes, I can do it

  • i have never and I also can't see why guys like it

  • Yeah, I have a few times.

    • How have guys reacted to this?

  • never have before.

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