What does it mean when a girl gives me her thong?

During lunch break at work a girl came up and said she had a present that I had to accept. Then she sat down on my lap and untied a see-through white laced thong and put it in my pocket...What does she want me to do with it? Help please!


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  • She wants your help in taking them off of her. lol


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  • The next time you see her, she wants you to take her around the corner and have your way with her. That's pretty cool. I admire a girl who has that much confidence.

  • oooo. that's a good idea.

  • She definitely wants it bad. Congratulations, you have found yourself a live wire.

  • Wow, you really don't know what to do with that? She likes you. You could ask her what she was thinking. Ya know. "So were you thinking animalistic sex, going out on a date, or maybe both." Just make sure you ask her after you've kissed her and got your arms wrapped around her. Of course if that's not what you're looking for you could suggest something else and see what she says.


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  • Play it out...act as if it never happened the next couple of times you see her...then ask her out...see what she says !!!!!XXXX WARNING WARNING XXXX!!!!! it may b a trap so do it at your own risk!!!!!

  • Dude....she wants you to have them cleaned and returned to her asap. OR, you have a snotty nose and no hanky.

  • I don't think she would do that if she didn't want to go to bed with you. So, it at least means that she likes you, and probably more.

  • Go get that shit dude!

  • I'll handle it. Whats her address?

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