Will 8 inches hurt?

so...i`m a virgin and me and my boyfriend are gonna do it 4 the 1st time

anyways..he`s 8 inches, i`m wondering will that be painful to take in? cos I am sh**scared of it being painful


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  • yeah but it's gonna hurt regardless. The first guy I slept with was a thick 8-9 inches and it hurt like hell. I know that's probably not helping with your fear but no matter what it's gonna hurt, but it doesn't hurt the whole time

    • Oh Thank you XD I`m glad it won`t hurt all the time

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  • "While the vagina can stretch to accommodate most penis sizes, an 8-inch penis can be a genuine threat to the uterus."


    • Thanks for the link

      I`ve already seen it b4 though lol

      I just wanted people`s opinion from this site

  • its not length that hurts its thickness, if he's 8 but a pencil d*** the only way he can hurt is if he hits your cervix

  • the vaginal canal stretches to 8 inches when fully aroused

  • I'm going to bet $100 he's not 8 inches.

    • I`ve seen it, I`m not just saying it for the fun of it ^_^

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    • I was talking to anonymous dude

    • Ok

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  • prolly yes if its your first time.. you may also bleed too.. and be swollen if your not use to it... I am not a virgin and I had sex with my friend and he was 91/2 so he was pretty big too... we had to use Lube tho because I was really tight... which it worked.. and if he foreplays with you it will help get it in easier. best of luck!

    • Thanks :D

      So if you don`t mind me asking what`s it like for you as a woman being in the military?

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    • Add me on your friends BTW and I can explain it more... but No the exercising is not bad at all.. you just need to be able to run 1.5miles. do push ups and sit ups its not bad at all! The pay depends on the rank you r.. I'm going in as an E3 so I will be getting paid $1700 and then you get about 8,000$ for basic and tech school. basic is 8.5weeks and tech school is usually about 4months.

    • Thanks for letting me know

      and also i`ve added you

  • most definitely.Even if it was 4 inches it would still hurt

    • Really, why?

    • Because it's your first time, you're too tight