Is a 32C bigger than a 34B?

I'm confused about my size because the last time I was measured I was a 34B but they don't feel right. I'm really confused about bra sizes because I saw a 38B at the store and it looked way bigger than a 32C but it was a B.


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  • yes, the number is the "band" size (the band that goes around your body) and the letter is the cup size. The band of a 32 C is smaller than a 34 or 38B, but the cup that holds the breast is larger/more rounded. If you're bigger around the waist then you'd get a bigger band size. Having a bigger cup size doesn't necessarily mean that your breasts are larger than someone with a smaller cup person's breast might be fuller and another's might be rounder. With me for example...if I go down to a B cup my breasts look like they are spilling out or the cup looks like it is uncomfortably digging in, but then when I go up to a C it fits much more comfortably. But the problem is my breasts are more round than if I wear a full coverage bra it looks like it's too big for me...because most of the time there's a gap between the top of the cup and my breast...but that's why they make different cups like demi cups to accommodate all shapes and sizes.


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  • They're horses of a different feather.

    The number is the distance around your body just under the breast.

    The cup size (C, D) refers to the size of the breast.

    For information about breasts, visit


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  • 32C is bigger than 34B... Cup size changes as you get a bit older, Sweetie.

    I would try a 34C... Get measured again... ! You will get bigger as time goes by!

  • I wear a 32C. Since it's hard to find a bra in that size, some girls will wear a 34B instead. The cups are the same volume, but a 32C has a smaller band.

  • The way a bra is measured is the band size is the measurement around the top of the chest. (You can measure just under your breasts too but you have to add inches. I believe you add 4 inches for an even measurement number and 5 inches for an odd measurement.) Then you measure across your breasts at the widest part the number in inches difference correlates to your cup size. So if your measurement for your band size is 32 then for an A cup the measurement across your breasts would be 33, 34 in. for a B cup, 35 for a C cup, 36 for a D cup and so on. So a person that wears a 32 C has a chest measurement of 35 inches across the wides part of her breasts but a person who wears a 38 B has a chest measurement of 40 inches so even though the 38 is a B cup they still have a bigger chest then someone who wears a 32 C who's chest measurement is only 35 inches.

  • It's a similar size. I can wear size 34A, but 32B fits better. If the band is a little loose on yours then you can try going down a size, but be sure to go up a cup. When measuring for a bra you should measure just under your bust for the band size. Then measure your bust. Subtract the band size from the bust size, and you'll have your cup size. Cup A is 1 inch difference, cup B is 2, and so on. Hope that helps.

    • I think it's the band that's too loose. I always have it on the last hook and it's still loose.

    • That was my problem too. You're probably a 32C. Also try on a few different brands as some fit better than others.

  • thats because the back size was bigger.

    the number are the size of your back and the letters are the cup size (what hold your boobs in)

    if your not quite sure ask the lady at the store to measure you.

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