Is a 32C bigger than a 34B?

I'm confused about my size because the last time I was measured I was a 34B but they don't feel right. I'm really confused about bra sizes because I saw a 38B at the store and it looked way bigger than a 32C but it was a B.


Most Helpful Girl

  • yes, the number is the "band" size (the band that goes around your body) and the letter is the cup size. The band of a 32 C is smaller than a 34 or 38B, but the cup that holds the breast is larger/more rounded. If you're bigger around the waist then you'd get a bigger band size. Having a bigger cup size doesn't necessarily mean that your breasts are larger than someone with a smaller cup person's breast might be fuller and another's might be rounder. With me for example...if I go down to a B cup my breasts look like they are spilling out or the cup looks like it is uncomfortably digging in, but then when I go up to a C it fits much more comfortably. But the problem is my breasts are more round than if I wear a full coverage bra it looks like it's too big for me...because most of the time there's a gap between the top of the cup and my breast...but that's why they make different cups like demi cups to accommodate all shapes and sizes.