Do you like to lick a girl's armpit?

Hi guys my boy friend just keep on sniffing my armpit and licks it when ever we meet,is it common ,I don't know and he will lick all over my body not even single needle point of my body is left by him without licked ..That too he when I am sweaty he doesn't wants me to take bath and he licks


Most Helpful Guy

  • I get the whole "natural smell of a person" thing, but a smelly armpit is different. Usually I like the way her arms or skin smells, not the way her armpit smells. That's actually really different.

    But whatever, if he likes it, and if it otherwise feels good to you (I think it might feel good if a girl did that to me), then to hell with it, let him. Have fun :) Only thing I'm thinking is that if a girl did that to me, I don't know if I would want to kiss her. Her face/mouth might smell or taste like it, and that would be nasty TO ME. Like I said though, if you don't mind any of it, feed into it and do more!