Girls, How would you feel about going to sleep on your guy with his penis inside you?

I haven't tried this yet but I'm not sure how most girls feel about it so I want some thoughts.

How would you feel about falling asleep on top of our guy with his hands around your waist hugging you throughout the night with his penis deep inside your vagina?

I would love to try this, I think its really intimate but hot and I think this would be one of the best ways to wake up.

  • Yes, id love it
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  • No, its gross
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  • I would but only with my husband
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  • Id only do it to if he wanted it but I wouldn't like it so much
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  • I'm a guy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it sounds so really intimate. I'd try it.

    • Haha hot. do you think you'd like to sleep the whole night like that? (:

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    • Your super cool! id deffinitly hold on to her as like a tight hug and sleep with my arms around her waist, I think that would be really hot! I think if she was up for it, it would be a good way to start the morning too!! lol is it also a fantasy of yours because it is mine or do you have one?

    • Yea, it's always been something I wanted to try. I just never brought it up to a guy, but now I really want to try it.

What Girls Said 16

  • I'd be up for giving it a shot, not sure if it could stay inside all night, but think it would be pretty neat if it could. Secondly can't imagine sleeping that still all night.

    • Yeah there are some obstacles to doing it, but its worth trying

  • Honestly I'd been toying with the idea with my boyfriend for a while since she's super adventurous, but unfortunately it's uncomfortable to him to be uh... soaked for so long ahem. I've heard stores though of guys falling asleep in their girlfriends, having an erotic dream or sensation and growing hard inside of her and having additional relations with her while she slept until she woke up. Some women commented on finding the feeling of a man's erection growing in them to be much more pleasurable than penetration and men said the sensation of a woman flexing and squeezing on him with her peristaltic muscles was out of this world.

  • It would be super hot. But I think I could only do that in the winter. Guys are always warmer than I am... It's weird

    • Damn right! yeah I notice that, girls are usually really cold, guys were made to keep girls warm ;)

    • Hahaha I like the way you think :). The only other problem would be is if I got too hot I would push away from him and possiably wreck it ya know?

  • It sounds nice,but probably isn't.Me?I move way too much while sleeping,I need space.

    • Im usually like that but when someone is in the bed with me I don't know why but apparently I don't move around much

  • Actually, he sometimes likes to leave it in afterward, and we have gone to sleep like that. It's nice, but there's no way it can stay in very long. You both move around and roll over, it softens and slips out.

  • It sounds good in theory but I'd imagine the reality would be really uncomfortable and weird.

  • I did it, on my first time.

  • I've actually thought about it. It'd be cool to try.

    • Its a fantasy of mine, I think its so hot

  • I wouldn't because that's major stretching and I doubt it would still be in when you wake up

    • What you mean about the stretching? I think its fun to try to keep it in, if it goes out during the night its fine but it would be nice for it to stay

  • Oh my gosh that is an amazing idea! I will have to share it with my fiance. I would love that so much.

  • Yes I think not only is it hot but very intimate its a new way of becoming closer plus when you start to move and his penis wakes up lets just say its a fun ride ;)

  • I am a female and have tried this with my boyfriend. We always wanted to do it. However, he was not able to be inside of me without continuing to have sex. It was hard for him to fall asleep while he was in me. Very hard for him. But, we tried. Maybe I'll try again when he comes back from work one day and he isn't so energized before bedtime.

  • If he had it inside me, it would have to be hard. If a guy had a hard penis inside me, I'd really not be able to fall asleep without finishing it off. So this situation wouldn't happen.

  • d*** in a vagina is meant for pleasure, what pleasure would you get from sleeping like that esp if the guy goes soft and the girl dries out. I don't see the point in that sorry.

    • I just like the intimacy, doesn't that appeal to you?

    • I like intimacy but there are so many other way to be intimate. who wants to wake up on top of each other all gross looking with morning breath. there goes the intimacy. hahaa but then again whatever floats your boat (:

    • Lol you're not that romantic

  • Wouldn't the guy go limp after a while? And the girl would dry out as well. I'm not sure it's mechanically possible, but if it were it would be pretty hot :)

    • Well yeah, its probably not likely to be bale to stay hard while were asleep unless we took viagra but what about if were limp inside you would that be good too?

What Guys Said 1

  • it sounds like it would lead to a really uncomfortable moment when the guy is limp and the girl is dry. The sentiment is cute, but its probably really uncomfortable.

    Plus, its very hard to maintain an erection at all without some degree of constant stimulation. not moving inside of someone is not sufficient stimulation. you'll go soft long before you go to sleep unless you are *incredibly* tired or are using tranquilizers to induce sleep. A soft penis gets pushed out of a vagina pretty easily, if the actual loss of erection itself doenst "shrink" it out.

    all in all sounds like something that only works in your mind or movies like the standing 69, making love 6 times in one day or the pull-out method. (yes those three are meant to be jokes)

    • 6 tiMes a day totaly possible...been ther done tht.but tht requires stayin home all day and havin the house to yourself

    • Making love 6 times a day isn't impossible, its not that hard

    • Its meant to be a joke guys. :-P I'm aware you can dedicate yourself to do it and do it. But its definitely a lot better in your head than in practice given it takes all day and usually leads to you being really really sore. which you never really predict when imagining it.