Im a girl should I kiss my bestfriend that's a girl

well I'm confused[with my sexuality] and I have a best friend who is great willing to help me out so should I take her up on that advice and kiss her?or will things be weird after the kiss?


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  • If you think it's going to be weird,then you're probably right.If you're really confused,just talk with your friend about it, and work on trying to date another girl,if that doesn't work out or you don't like it,then you'll know.Good luck : ]

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      Yeah it probably will be weird you are right but...its like we both want it because in a way we are both confused about our sexuality

      and she is somewhat scared to be bi I don't know why

      do you know what is could be?

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      How did it all go wrong with your friend???

      and well ummm she did she tells me like everyday

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      Eh,sorry to get you worked up about,basically she was in the same position as you are,but she only assumed I was confused because apparently I give off those kind of vibes,and she well,kissed, it was odd,but we're still friends...But anyways,I asked because I don't want you to assume that kind of thing... Just tell her how you're feeling about kissing,and feelings about it...