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Big natural breasts Vs. Big fake breasts

If a girl has big natural breasts, its gonna look like her breasts are hanging but not sagging right? because of the weight of big natural breasts... Show More

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  • Big Natural boobs will ALWAYS win, I can't stand implants. I think most guys should expect that if a girl has large real boobs that generally there will be some degree of sag but honestly I don't see how it could look worse than a pair of fake t*ts that tend to look bolted on a girls chest. Half of what makes them appealing gives way to a hard unnatural shape. The softness, sensitivity and shape is much more sexually appealing on real ones in my opinion. Don't worry about it, your boobs look fine as far as I can tell, If a guy complains about that than he isn't worth showing them to. silicone is for toys

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  • Oh they look good, trust me. :)

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  • Big breasts can actually begin to...not sag but fall.Especially if the woman does not get her check up like every 10/11 years.

    And I see no point to this question.Breast implants are personal and it's a personal choice.I don't even see a question...

  • no not all big breast are saggy! there is such thing as big and perky. was there even a question to this?

  • i have big natural ones but I wish they were fake because fake ones are perkier and you don't have to wear a bra

    • True but fake ones can bust and natural breasts feel softer

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