Do girls like to see guys naked?

I was just wondering because in some movies and TV shows I'v seen girls don't like to see guys naked and I was just wondering if its true girls don't like to see guys naked or not.


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  • When most guys say 'naked' I get that they mean if we like to see their penises. In which case I say no. Not unless I'm dating you. Some guys seem to think that showing their penis to us is the same thing as girls showing their boobs. And it's not. Totally different. I don't get turned on my peens at all.


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  • Not just any random guy, obviously. But a guy I'm into and/or super attracted to. I totally want and like to see those guys naked, haha.

  • some guys. if they are good looking and have a good body and preferably a good d***. girls look good naked too lol

  • I normally have issues seeing a nude man, my dad is a nudist ... but I just think a nude guy looks weak... and No I don;t like seeing them, like for the first time in my life I m fine with my boyfriend who I love dearly, seeing him nude.

    Its like Penis' Seeing a penis is not a turn on for me... or most girls...

    Now like a shirt less guy is hot ... with no pantso no pants on different story ...

  • i love seeing my guy naked.

    love it love it love it!

  • I can only speak for myself and my friends...we love seeing our guy naked when in the right mood and setting. Sometimes even just taking off your shirt starts it for a girl.


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  • dude, the only insight you will have into a girl's mind before you get to know one enough in a relationship is chick flicks. They love it as long as you're not too fat, too thin or whatever. I am a chubby wasted f***er but have a flat bony chest which for some reason my girl is really into ... but yeah she loves just lookin at me and lying on me while I'm naked and shiz :) girls will obviously want to look at them naked otherwise you'd be having sex with your clothes on xD

  • Depends on a few factors.

    How attracted that girl already is to you.

    How attractive your body is (in her opinion... People have different opinions).

    Context (If you just take off your clothes in front of some random girl... No matter how attractive you are, she's gonna think you're a freak - Unless she is lol. But if she's turned on and you're about to have sex, then you'll see how quickly that view changes).

    Anyway... You probably need to put your question into context. Because when you ask it, girls will often have a picture in their head. But the pictures will vary.

    Some might be picturing a toned guy with a 6 pack and a lovely complexion. Others might be picturing some fat, pasty dude. So that's obviously going to sway their answers, and you won't get the fair representation you're looking for.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong...but I think with girls it's not so much a visual thing that turns them on when it comes to seeing guys naked.

    But for us guys it's more of a visual thing when it comes to seeing girls naked.