Big labia, wearing bikini?

So I have big labia and it has been bothering me for a while. I know that it's normal and other people have the same problem but I can't even go to the beach because of it. When I wear a bathing suit there's a bump down there and it looks big and ugly. Since I'm gonna go with my boyfriend I feel like he will notice it and not like it. Also he hasn't had a girlfriend before me and has watched p*rn so I think that he expects it to all be like that. I'm too embarrassed to let him touch me there because of it. And I really want to go to the beach, but is there any way to cover it up so it looks flat with no bump? It's making me want to cry :(


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  • Why not wear one of those bathing suits that has the little skirt aroun it, those are really cute I see a lot of girls with them on. You should not be so self concious about your labia. A lot of people me being one of them think they are awesome and your boyfriend probably does too:) Here is a site dedicated to labias if your interested.



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  • dont worry about it. GO to the beach. if he's your boyfriend he wouldn't or shouldn't judge you anyway. and I highly doubt it would get notices. if your man is by you noone would be gawkin at you, and if someone does notice their a perv for actually starin at you that long and hard

  • Dont worry about it. Any guy that would find that has a turnoff is kind of weird. Just my opinion.

  • Having a larger labia is not a problem. Just wear the bikini. If your boyfriend doesn't like it, he really will learn to like it, or you will find someone else who will. He is an homosexual if he doesn't. Every hetero man loves the female body.

  • I love to seen the bump. Don't hide it... it's very sexy.

  • If you really are concerned about this, please don't be. Labia puffing out a bathing suit is like seeing erect nipples behind a silk blouse. It is our secret pleasure is looking at them and hoping you don't notice us doing so.

    For every woman reading this: Your sexual details, such as nipples and the various details of your vulva are like that prize we got in the Cracker Jack box as kids. A mystery followed by the prize itself, and all good. Any time I see a question like this, I will answer it positively. Your vulva is lovely and no variation of that would ever harm a relationship. I absolutely love looking at them in their infinite variety.


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  • I think what you would have is what is called camel toe "where with suit on you will have very defined lips and the crack is noticeable. Very common thing. Bikini's and suits higher end stuff like from VS etc has much more padding in that area just to help cover that up. Another method and what models do when modeling that stuff and panties is use a sanatary pad.

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      I'll speak from personal experience: I'm in the same boat, it became more pronounced in the last few years, and the way I look in underwear or a bathing suit is not something I enjoy the thought of other people seeing. I get really anxious come summer because of it- meltdowns in dressing rooms, etc. To me it's a really private and torturous experience to think about what the men I'm with think of my vagina. They never indicate that they -don't- like it, but I am in the habit of constantly wondering/worrying. I think guys are taught, for some reason, that there is only one pussy. As in, one kind of pussy that exists in the universe— that's easier to wrap their heads around, maybe.

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      The male gaze confines us to the narrowest of restrictions on femininity, and what women do and don’t, should and should not, do and look like.

      I've been seeing a few different guys lately and they all have such different dicks and bodies, and: it's great. I accept it, and I always find myself accepting their bodies for what they are upon first contact. I don't problematize their measurements or the color of their balls or even notice their pubic hair. I think as women we're taught to prepare to be evaluated as soon as we strip down. When we're actually here to experience pleasure. That's a good thing to remember.

      Anyway, for the beach: a thick, supportive material is good for holding everything in. Or, if this is your style (or could be), a bikini bottom with a slight frill, or another textured fabric over the crotch area (not a skirt— an embellishment)— double layered, basically.

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      There are a couple websites I return to every couple months when I have a dip in confidence and need affirmation that I’m normal and it’s no big thang.
      vaginasofthe-world [dot] tumblr [dot] com -- anonymous submissions of vaginas from women around the world. it’s soothing to behold the true variety—you start to realize that vaginas just aren’t up for comparison.

      lippypussy [dot] com --this site’s a little different because its target audience is men who specifically have a thing for large labia, so the commentary, while uniformly positive, has a sexual bent from the male (moderator’s) perspective. Still, it does feel nice to get a pat on the back for your pussy. It might help if you show yourself anonymously online first to try out how feels and get some positive feedback. Good luck!

  • 1)not all guys are stupid and believe p*rn is reality

    2)Don't act as though you're the first girl to go through this

    3)No,I'm pretty sure there's no way to cover it.There are certain bikini/bathing suit bottoms that have "padding" down there and it evens that area out if you can understand what I am saying.

  • Use a panty liner :)

    Big labias are very common so no one will be shocked if they notice, but I doubt anyone will notice at all!

    And as for your boyfriend, it's about time he realized vaginas come in all shapes and sizes. And if he can't accept you the way you are then he's not worth it!

  • i have the same problem.

    maybe wear like skirt over it, and sit in a way he won't notice it.

    the first time you guys get intimate it will probably be the only thing you think about.

    but once you get more comfortable you'll enjoy the sex more than worrying about it.

    and if he does have a problem then just forget him, because there's many guys that wouldn't mind.