Why does a guy kiss there?

Why do guys kiss a girl's stomach? My boyfriend & I will be laid out on the couch and he's taken up a habit of kissing my stomach. Then he continues running his fingers along the same area. Any ideas on why he would kiss my stomach, say I love you and run his fingers along my stomach?

P.S. We've never had sex and vowed not to until marriage.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Guys know that women are sometimes pretty sensitive about their stomach, so it is a positive thing. It is also nice and soft and guys like soft. It probably most closely resembles your breasts and can be a turn on.

    Finally, the third chakra is in your solar plexis and is where your power center is and the magnetic core of your personality and ego. He is probably drawn to your power as a woman and he is honoring who you are as a woman.