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What are the first 8 things you notice about a girl? Boys!!! I need some answers please?

what are the first 8 things you notice about a girl, in order? be honest please! and don't say "body" because that's pretty vague, tell like what... Show More

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  • 1) Smoking. Most important criteria for me. I have nothing for smokers...NOTHING! Same can be said about tobacco chew, narcotics and heavy drinking.2) Cleanliness. I understand if she's working a filthy job such as farming, something like that would be an exception.3) Behavior. A violent, foul-mouthed, disrespectful, control-freaky man-hating woman is a major turnoff.4) Availability. If I see a wedding ring or she's holding hand with a guy: LEAVE IT ALONE!5) Age. If I can judge her age correctly, it will decide to either approach her or, LEAVE IT ALONE!6) Legs. Normally if a woman has good legs, the rest of the body waist up will usually follow suit.7) Smile. A woman's sincere smile does wonders. 'nuf said.8) Intangibles. Just some minor things such as attire appropriate for the occassion, good hair, a particular skill in common with my own such as cooking, or if she's Asian(my favorite)

  • 1. eyes2. smile / lips3. hair4. legs5. body shape6. butt7. breasts8. skin (love smooth, pretty skin)

  • 1. Face2. Hair3. Breasts 4. Butt5. Eyes6. Nose7. Lips8. Overall body shape

  • well, according to a couple studies based in London and the United States the majority of guys look at these body parts in this order. this is not based on attraction, just based on the way a guys mind processes info when trying to find a mate. 1. Face2. Breasts3. Butt4. waistThe face I have no idea why, but according to the study I was checking out, the reason why the next three are in that order, is because the male mind is trying to find an ideal mate, and because of this the mind in males is trying to find the woman who has the highest chances of survival on the ratio of .70 between the breasts waist and Butt. ( Ideal figure being that of an hour glass).

  • 1)eyes2)hair3)overall facial structure (ugly or not)4)stomach5)boobs6)legs7)butt8)last thing I notice but most important is personality I guess that's what I check

    • I can imagine your eyes bouncing as you check out a girl =]

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