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Why do men like MILFs so much?

no matter what age? men always say "they have more experience and know what they want and are more mature" um then why are there so many moms out... Show More

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  • These are stereotypes, of course, but those of us who like older women like:

    -emotional stability. They don't have the grand-mal tantrums that the kids have.

    -security. They're not *constantly* begging for reassurance that I like them, that I like their bodies, that we still have a relationship. I date her and f*ck her and have fun and conversation with her. This means we're okay; kids often don't get this and feel the need to ask. Every. Other. Hour.

    -confidence. All the nutty little conversations guys have about p*rn, strip clubs, flirting with other women, cheating with my mind--I've NEVER had those talks with a woman above the age of 30. I don't know what angel of sanity descends on you girls by then, but my blessings on it.

    -pressure. They don't freak out when you tell them you don't feel like marrying. Sometimes, they tell you.

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  • I, for one, am not attracted to ALL moms. Many, many moms are out there still FAT. I'm only attracted to those mommies that have recovered their figures, still have not cut their hair to neck lenght (boy short), have a reasonably flat tummy and appear to suddenly very comfortable about their bodies and certainly don't mind showing lots of cleavage.

  • The stereotype states that Milfs are women who are more experienced sexually. As far as being a baby's daddy, guys have different opinions. Some guys, who love kids, will gladly take over. Others will say hell no and be turned off by the baggage.

  • just stick to the acronym : MILF = « Mother I'd Like to Fuck »

    enough said

What Girls Said 2

  • I think a "MILF" doesn't necessarily have to be a mum, although we all know what the acronym stands for. Guys are sometimes attracted to older, wiser women who still look good but are more experienced in bed than young girls, regardless of whether or not they have children. Just a theory.

  • Guys are allowed to be attracted to MILFs,I don't see the problem but clearly you do

    • I do because my boyfriend likes them...and I cannot give him a child

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    • Ummmm sorry kiddo but I don't believe in karma...

    • Mhmm...so I guess you can't have kids again?

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