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Most Attractive Breast Size?

I know it depends on the individual breasts,and the individual girl - big, saggy breasts don't look as good as smaller ones in good shape and some... Show More

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  • B's that barely fail the pencil test are my favorites. That's when you lift your bre@st, tuck a pencil horizontally beneath it, then release the bre@st. If the pencil falls, you fail the test (good). If the remains in the crease, you pass (bad).

    • That's stupid. Do they have something like a ruler test for c*cks?

  • A and B cups are what I find attractive. Big breasts scare me. . .

    • My boyfriend thinks large boobs are scary too, lol.

  • Would just like to say that cup size doesn't indicate the size, it indicates the width of the breasts

    • I'm pretty sure that the cup size is how large the chest is around the nipple compared to how large the chest of around the ribcage.

  • C cup.

    Having said that, I truly believe that any breast is a good breast. I've dated some awesome nearly-As and also very much enjoyed some DDs.

  • Larger than a D as long as they are real and fit the body type.

What Girls Said 3

  • I love my B's :)

  • couldn't agree more with Evangelina214! I know you said it's up to the individuals but you only focused on common negative aspects of bigger boobs! Because not all girls with a larger chest has saggy boobs!

    • I didn't mean to suggest that. There are positive aspects of bigger boobs too. I don't actually know where I was going with that statement, I was merely trying to get people to answer my question and not be all "it just depends on the girl" or "all boobs are good boobs" and sh** like that.

    • But I can't help but notice you mentioned more negative features for big boobs that you did for small boobs!

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