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Does it hurt to have your balls sucked?

I promise this is a serious question.I tried it on my boyfriend and he loved it! which is OK with me but he tells me to do it harder and harder to... Show More

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  • They are sensitive if they are crushed (like in your fist), or hit (with your knee).

    But if you have them in your mouth and let's face it that is a pretty, soft warm wet place - it would take a lot of "suction" to hurt them.

    But, for the love of God - don't bite! Awwww...

What Guys Said 6

  • Some guys are more sensitive and others are not. Some women have sensitive nipples -- others don't.

  • to suck on a finger or to bite on a finger ... which one hurts?

    i don't think you can create enough force by sucking to really hurt him ... or else you would be able to suck a golf ball all the way through a 30 foot garden hose or something similar ... ;)

  • it hurts me

  • It may hurt. I don't feel any pleasure in it. Some say that it's a turn on, but most psychologically.

  • Not at all unless your teeth scrape the skin.

What Girls Said 3

  • It is different with different guys so each has his own tolerence as to how much or hard they want them sucked.

  • Ever think about those guys who play with vaccuums? If they can handle THAT, I'm sure they can handle the suction a woman gives him. :p

  • depends on the guy like my current is supper sensitive and my last was inlove with the suck-shin and tongue play

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