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How to get a guy to give you a rim job?

OK I know this may sound really gross to some people but how could I get my boyfriend to do it? he's pretty open to do stuff when it comes to sex but... Show More

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  • Forget him, ask me, I love it!Actually, just try in the shower. After you let him see you soap your ass clean, bend over and have him go down on you from behind, then, using the fact that you're turned on by his excellent performance as a cover, quietly whisper "lick my asshole baby." Most guys want to be the king in bed for their girl so bad that if he thinks he has you loosing control he'll do whatever you want to push you over the edge and have you screaming about how great he is - both to him and your girlfriends (this doesn't have to be true, but it's what he'll feel is true).Good lick ;)

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  • That is something else I cannot fathom. No matter how much washing my tongue isn't getting anywhere near a girl's butt hole.

  • So you want to ask him without asking him?Either get your sh*t together and communicate, or stop whining because he can't read your mind.

  • Just ask him. Next time he is going down on you, maybe lift your legs up bringing your ass up more, and hopefully he'll get the hint.

  • thats really hot that you are that sexual that you would want something like that.. and you should tell him that.. even though he doesn't want to do it, and neither do i...because its gross.Still... its really hot when a girl asks for something sexual.. regardless of what it is.

  • I did this for a woman once. She just sat on my face and said "lick me" in a really sweet voice. She way really clean and used some kind of perfume down there. She really got off on it.

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