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I came in her mouth and she still kept giving me head?

i was getting a blowjob from this girl and I blew my load and it felt really good that she kept going for a bit but then she kept going...and... Show More

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  • maybe she thought you were going to f*** her, so she kept going for it...maybe not...maybe she doesn't have any taste buds and couldn't tell you nutted...or maybe...she's a retard.

    • She didn't think I was going to f*** her because she told me she wasn't down for it anyway ha

    • Well then, there's the thought she's a re-tard.

What Girls Said 6

  • Is it possible that both the guy and girl are on this sit4e asking about the same thing?


  • Maybe she liked the taste of it. I do that a lot when my boyfriend tastes good. I also keep going when I want him to come again just to get him in the mood.

  • Might be she was just havin a good time and was tryin for a second shot?

  • she probably doesn't usually give BJs or it was her first time and you didn't come alot. she probably thought it was pre come and just kept going. did you moan when you came?

    • Shes giving me several and I know she's hooked up a lot of times before I moaned and said I'm cumming and in fact usually she doesn't swallow because I have a bit of a problem with cumming a lot if you watch a p*rno with peter norht you can compare it to me so.....i was shocked and I still don't know why she did it

  • She was having fun

What Guys Said 1

  • She probably figured out she was a whore halfway through the bj and wanted to end her life by choking to death.

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