I came in her mouth and she still kept giving me head?

i was getting a blowjob from this girl and I blew my load and it felt really good that she kept going for a bit but then she kept going...and going...not that its a bad thing but why the whole time my come was in her mouth she showed me eventually after 5-6 more minutes of it...not like its bad thing...but why? did she try to get a second nut?

Most Helpful Girl

  • maybe she thought you were going to f*** her, so she kept going for it...maybe not...maybe she doesn't have any taste buds and couldn't tell you nutted...or maybe...she's a retard.

    • She didn't think I was going to f*** her because she told me she wasn't down for it anyway ha

    • Well then, there's the thought she's a re-tard.