Have you actually measured your boyfriend's junk?

It seems like everyone on here knows the exact measurement of the guys c*ck. Like yesterday, this girls was all "my guy is 9.5". How do you actually know?


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  • Mine was measured in a closet by a drunken hottie with a flashlight at a college party on a dare. I'd say it was pretty accurate because she sucked it to get it hard first and that certainly did the trick.

    Came in right at 7" as best as my alcohol memory does serve me. Most girls tell me I'm "well above average" or "pretty damn big" but several have said they've seen bigger at least once. Either way, no one's complained and the closet measurer certainly wanted more of it after seeing it. So I'd say any guy who's between 6 and 8 has pretty smooth sailing.

    I've only known of one guy personally who had a 9" cock, and only because he lost a bet with another guy over some girls drama did he whip it out to prove it. Shit was f***ing enormous so I highly doubt many guys fall into that category despite what they say.

    To put things in perspective, my wife is 5'5" and 105 lbs. My d*** at 7" is the exact size of her forearm from elbow to wrist and the same girth. I would imagine that looks pretty huge to any girl who doesn't bother to whip out a ruler and verify making just about anything believable. She even confessed that in her mind she thought it was bigger than it is when she saw it.


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  • I've never measured myself either lol...all I know is that I can hit her pelvis lol.

  • It's crazy how all the girls that talk about penis size average 8 inches on their partners... that's incredibly unlikely.

  • Well I have measured my own a couple of times. Length and girth.

  • its funny how many guys say they have 9", or the girl says he's 10.5" hahahaha

    anything above 7.5" measured CORRECTLY is rare

  • And just an FYI for guys and measuremnts. You use a measuring tape and it has to be done fully erect. For length you measure from the pelvis (Top) to the tip of the penis. For girth the thickest part of the penis.


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  • Just for kicks we have done it! We used a tape like you would find in a sewing kit which is just a cloth or flexable plastic thing which stretches out to about 60".

  • yep its fun to measure!

  • they tell you, and you can estimate by looking at it to know whether or not its true

    • Key word: "estimate".

    • When you measure it with something like your own arm then you can go back and measure that, but really penis size doesn't matter that much

  • well I'm just f***ing 2 guys right now - neither of them is my boyfriend. I haven't actually measured most of the guys I've ever been with. I haven't measured these two, I just go by what they tell me because I know guys do that stuff. they just like have to know how big it is even though knowing isn't going to change what it is lol

    one of the guys says he is 10.5 inches long. I don't know if he's that big but by looking at it I would say around 9 at least. he's thick as well. again not sure how thick but thick enough for me to love it. no one likes a skinny d***. XD

    the other guy is pretty thick but smaller in length than the first guy. he's not small, probably around 7-8 maybe. he says he's 7.5 and he looks about that.

    yay d***s P:

    • Gawdddd...10.5? Doesn't that hurt?

  • I think all guys measure themselves, and they tell the girl, the girl doesn't measure it herself haha.

    • We do measure it ourselves that way we can add a couple inches on. lol

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    • I've never measured mine. Self conscious as hell now though lol!

    • Haha really? literally every guy I've heard of has :P